PAF in Soviet/Afghan War

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No.14 Sqn F-16s escorting President
of Austria, six F-16s participated in this

mission. The rest are on the other side of Airliner.

Video capture of HUD footage of
Flt Lt Badr-ul-Islam's  kill on 16th Apr,1987.

No.14 Sqn F-16s escorting Jordanian King.
Intruder enemy aircraft were a severe danger
to commercial and VIP flights.

Sqn Ldr Badr-Ul-Islam standing in front
of F-16 ( No.14 Sqn)

Air Cdre Ehtesham and Wng Cdr Amjad shortly after landing first formation of

F-16 at PAF Base, Kamra.

Wng Cdr Abdul Razzak Anjum standing in front
of F-16
(No.9 Sqn). In Mar, 1987 he shot down
An-26 over Miranshah. He later rose to the rank of

AVM and embraced shaadat on 23rd Feb 2003.

Combat ready pilots of No.11 Squadron
with their deadly machine.


Wreckage of Soviet Su-25 Frogfoot, shotdown by Sqn Ldr Athar Bokhari during midnight CAP on 2nd & 3rd Aug, 1988.

No.11 Sqn ' Arrows ' pilots group photo - 1988

Sqn Ldr Altaf Saleemi during his days
in No.9 Sqn 'Griffins'. No.9 and No.14 Squadrons
patrolled Western border from dawn to dusk.


A reconstructed US-origin Aim-9L missile preserved




Newspaper clipping of an Afghani Su-22 pilot shot down by Flt Lt Khalid - 3rd Nov1988


Flt Lt Younas (Flight Surgeon) standing with

F-16 with a kill mark of Soviet Su-25.

 Colonel Roskoi Alexander Viladimirovich

ejected and later became the

Vice President of Russia.


Pilots during a get-together at their Squadron.

Sqn Ldr Athar Bokhari celebrating
aerial kill achievement with squadron mates at Kalabagh. Athar Bokhari

 is now serving as Air Marshal


No.11 Squadron ' Arrows' Sargodha-1987



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