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A vintage photo of Group Captain FS Husain (middle) Base Commander Mauripur (now Masroor AB) standing with  and Fighter Wing Pilots.


No.9 Sqn pilots posing for camera before 23rd March, 1964 fly past. Prominent among the group are

Rashid Bhatti (retd as Air Cdre), Late Sqn Ldr Arif Manzoor, Hakimullah (retd as ACM), Jamal A Khan(retd as Air Cdre)

AM M. Asghar Khan(then C-in-C), Wng Cdr(late) Middlecoat, Abbas H Mirza( AVM).


Harvad flying over northern areas of Pakistan. Harvad served more than 25yrs in PAF.


Pictures of No.11 Sqn Super Marine Attackers operated during 1950-1956. Attacker was the first Jet engine fighter aircraft

 inducted  in PAF inventory, it remained in service till large scale induction of F-86 Sabres in mid-50s.


In March 1961, PAF touched new horizons with the arrival of supersonic fighter F-104 Starfighter in PAF. No.9 Sqn became

the only recipient of the state-of-the-art aircraft. Seen here two examples during a training mission.

F-86 Sabre flying over Arabian Sea. Large number of F-86E/F have served PAF from 1956-1980. Apart from other air to air

victories achieved in F-86E/F Sabre the most famous witnessed on 7th Sep, 1965 involving  Sqn Ldr MM Alam shooting down

5 enemy aircraft in a single mission with two more later on, making him the only Ace of the Sub Continent.

Pilot Officer Sarfaz Rafiqui  in Tempest cockpit receiving last minute instructions from his Instructor,
Flt Lt Jan Mahmood at PAF conversion School 1953. He later got Sitar-e-Jurat & Hilal-e-Jurat for his bravery in 1965 War.

F-86F with Configuration of weapon load.
In 1956, US provided Pakistan with F-86 Sabres replacing WW2 fighter in the fleet

 ie Fury and Attacker were moved out of service .By the end of 1957 100 Sabres were flying in PAF, mostly in newly formed

squadrons ie No.15 (1957), No.16(1957), No.17(1957),No.18(1957), No.19(1958) and No.11(1956), No.14 (1957).



No.14 Sqn, 1965 with OC Shabbir H.Syed & Dhakha Station commander Ghulam Haider standing 2nd & 3rd from left.

The Squadron alone fought against 10 IAF squadrons and neutralized enemy in the eastern wing.

A vintage photo of First ever aerobatics on B-57 Bomber aircraft. Formation was led by Sqn Ldr 'Bill' Latif.


AM Rashid A Shaikh greeting Sqn Ldr Shahid Latif after landing first F-16 at  Sargodha, Jan 1983.



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