Super Marine Attacker


Rare photo of No.11 Sqn's Attackers flight line.


Attacker low level fly by.

Attacker during a flight over Arabin Sea



Attackers flying over sea shore near Karachi.
No.11 Sqn was the only receipt of this aircraft, after six year of service (August 1956) it was replaced by more agile F-86 aircraft.


Attacker's crew witnessing routine
flight of their aircraft.

Attacker was the first jet fighter inducted in PAF.

 It remained in service from 1950-56.



A formation of No.11 Sqn Attackers flying

over Karachi


Attacker from first batch parked at Vickers
 Super marine factory, UK


Furies and Attackers lined up before
14th Aug 1952 air display


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