B-57/RB-57 Intruder

B-57 during the takeoff roll. B-57B/C had service ceiling of 45,000 ft where as its electronic intelligence version RB-57F had service ceiling of 82,000 ft.

RB-57 during pre-flight checks by ground crew.
In 1959, two RB-57 were inducted, which brought the capability of climbing upto 72,000 ft along with the ability to remain in air for 10hrs. Two more similar spy planes joined in 1960.

In 1959 26 Martin B-57 bomber aircraft were inducted in No.7 and No.8 Sqn of PAF replacing Halifax & improvised Bristol Freighters.

Flight line of B-57 aircraft. Both B-57 and RB-57 proved vital in offensive operations in 1965 war. Air field strike an deep interdiction was the task assigned to both B-57 units.

B-57 releasing thick black smoke from

 its engines during start up.

A B-57 navigator climbing in the aircraft.

B-57 formation on a routine training mission.

B-57 parked at tarmac

Night-prowlers over Arabian sea

B-57 during a training mission

B-57s starting engines


RB-57 brought with them
modern navigated

equipment for both recce and srtrike missions


The historic picture of first ever

aerobatics on B-57 bomber aircraft

B-57 formation flying over Karachi


B-57 flight line at Masroor air base

B-57 flying over Arabian sea


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