C-130 Hercules

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Vintage photos collection of C-130B aircraft. [Hasan Riaz photo collection]

C-130 dropping para troopers over a river. No.6 Air Transport Sqn has provided aerial supply line to Pak army and carried out aerial drop missions at very difficult situations in past six decades.

C-130B pilot giving some moments to the photographer

L-382B at a Northern air field. PAF used civil marking on some L-382/C-130s, which wear

civilian registration AP-AUU during overseas flights

C-130 has been providing logistics support to PAF and other sister forces since 1964.

Hercules preparing for takeoff.

C-130B during a low level cargo drop mission.

C-130 flying over Faisal Mosque, Islamabad.

C-130B flying in bad weather.

Hercules posing with his majesty - K2.

C-130 starting up for a training mission.

C-130 leaving the tarmac for a routine mission.

C-130 departing its home base - Chaklala.


C-130 being refueled before another sortie.

C-130 participating in an humanitarian relief mission. No.6 Sqn has participated in dozens of

such national & international missions

C-130 being refueled at Skardu Airbase


PAF used sliver color scheme was used for overseas flights in the past.

Multi Functional Display (MFD) screens of C-130E.


C-130B lifting off from northern area airstrip.

In-flight cockpit shot of C-130 formation.

Cockpit of modified C-130E.

No.6 Sqn' s C-130 that participated RIAT,2006.

C-130E at an European airport


A C-130B seen at Chaklala in mid 1980s

C-130 over the mighty Karakorm range.

Para troopers jumping out from C-130.

 C-130 landing at Skardu airfield.

C-130 has been a regular visitor at Skardu,

carrying loads of cargo

Head on shot of C-130B.

C-130E landing after a successful mission

Para troopers getting ready to be airlift

PAF inducted
C-130s in 1963, since then they have been extensively used as major cargo aircraft.

In 1965 and 1971 wars, C-130s has also been used as a bomber aircraft

Hercules at Skardu

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