Cessna Ce-172




Pictures of Ce-172 Sr# 91-664 taking off from Minhas Air Base. Few Cessnas were in service with PAF before retiring in late 2009.


No.41 Sqn Cessnas also provided significant support in during earthquake relief efforts in late 2005.


Ce-172 Sr# 91-660 flying from Minhas Air Base, seen in background is a fighter jet attached to same location.


After induction of Phemom 100 light jet aircraft in PAF, all remaining Cessnas have been phased out from the service.

A Ce-172 parked out side the hangar of No.41 Light communication Sqn, Chaklala.

In 1975, PAF inducted 5 Ce-172Fs for inter-base communication duties. Later in April 1991 four more were purchased from PIA.


Some of Ce-172 served PAF for more than 37 years, No.41 Sqn remained the only recipient of the type.



A Ce-172 sits on the No.41 Sqn ramp at Chaklala.


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