F-104 Starfighter


Starfighter moments after touchdown at Sargodha.

No.9 Sqn was the only recipient of this super sonic aircraft

Starfighter during a training flight over snow capped mountains of Karakorum range.


No.9 Sqn pilots passing through squadron's

 flight line of F-104 aircraft.


Starfighter flight line during a public

air demonstration in 1964.

Aim-9B loaded at the wing tip of Starfighter

Starfighter formation flying over horizon

Starfighter remained in service
from 1961-1972

Starfighter with its payload including 20mm

cannon and Sidewinders

Starfighter flying over Sargodha

Starfighter standing in-front of PAF academy mosque in mid80s


Starfighters on a training mission

F-104 and B-57 aircraft lined-up at Peshawar before air display in Oct 1964


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