F-16 A/B Block-15 MLU/OCU/ADF

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Arrows F-16 flying with CCS Mirage-III

during Exercise Indus Viper'2008.

GIBS (Guy In Back Seat) view in F-16B.

F-16A Mid Life Update (MLU) equipped with


No.11 Sqn F-16B 82-601, the first dual seat

F-16 delivered to PAF in Jan'1983.


File photo of F-16B 90-617 (11 Sqn ), the first

aircraft delivered to Turkish Air craft Industries

(TAI) for Mid Life Update (MLU).


No.9 Sqn F-16B 92-620 going hot!

F100-PW-220/220E engine are capable of producing 29,160 lbf of thrust with afterburner.

No.9 Sqn "Griffins" take-off for Exercise Red Flag / Green Flag 2010. Six F-16Bs flew over 7,700 miles from Mushaf Air Base to Las Vegas, U.S

to fly and train in Red Flag 10-4 and Green Flag 10-9 exercises at Nellis Air Force Base.

Pictures of F-16B handed over to PAF on 7th June 2007. Under the Presseler ammendments 1991, Pakistan's Foreign Military aid

was stopped. Pakistan had paid for 28 F-16s which were also embargoed. From Dec-2005 - July 2008, PAF has recieved

14 out of those 28 embargoed F-16s, while the talks of remaining 14 aircraft are still under way.

Post-landing pictures of No.9 Sqn F-16B with air brakes open to reduce the air speed.

The aircraft is carrying a dummy sidewinder missile, which is used for Air-Air training.

ACM Tanivr Mehmood Ahmad and O/C No.9 Sqn

in F-16B. The aircraft is showing colours of extensive use.

A closeup of F-16B moving towards its shelter.


An F-16B during the landing approach.



Pictures from the F-16's induction ceremony - Jan15 1983.

Picture 1: L-to-R Sami Tuur, Shahid Lateef, Shahid Javed, President Gen Zia-ul-Haq, ACM Anwar Shamim(CAS), Ali K Khattak, M. Avais and Muzzafar Ali.

Picture 2: Prominent in the photo are Air Cdre Farooq F. Khan( then base cmdr Sargodha - later CAS) and ACM Anwar Shamim and their ladies.

On their right is AVM Sharbat Ali Changazi.

Pictures of F-16s during routine training missions at Mushaf AB, Sargodha.

ATLIS equipped No.11 Sqn F-16B deploying

air brakes after a successful training mission.

Note the empty multi-ejector racks, used

to carry Laser Guided Bombs (LGB).


No.9 Sqn F-16B during Exercises Red Flag 2010-4.

ATLIS-II pod is visible on 5L intake station.

A F-16 taking off with one GBU-12 LGB and

ATLIS pod for a training mission.

Read more on ATLIS pod.


PAF Air Chief ACM Tanvir Mehmood Ahmed with taxiing in No.11 Sqn F-16B, for a rehearsal flight of 23rd March 2008 parade flypast with

O/C No.11 Sqn Wng Cdr Waqas A. Sulehri as GIBS.

Arrows F-16A carrying a pair of smoke

 winders along wing tips.

A participant of 23rd March 2008 fly past seen on Minhas runway prior to a rehearsal flight

Arrows F-16B pilot gesturing thumps up

 during a training flight

Pictures of No.9 Sqn F-16 formation during a training sortie.

Pictures of No.9 and No.11 Sqn F-16 formation. Turkish Air Force exchange pilot flying No.11Sqn F-16A Sr. # 84709



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