F-6 Farmer

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No.23 Sqn F-6 landing after
a successful mission

No.15 Sqn 'Cobras' patrolling over Korakoram

Farmer rising with the new sun

Combat Commanders School (CCS) F-6 firing sidewinder during an exercise

Defence Day at Faisal Airbase

No.16 Squadron FT-6 landing after a

routine sortie

F-6 with configuration of weapon load

F-6 painted in Pakistani colors on its farewell flight

Four F-6s in Echelon left formation

A F-6 from No.23 Sqn based at
Samungli Airbase, Quettta

The last F-6 painted in Pak-Sino colors. It is now placed at PAF museum, Karachi

No.23 Sqn F-6 Getting ready for takeoff

F-6 farewell fly past on 27th March 2002

No.19 Squadron "Sherdils" F-6 with

high-viz colour scheme.

Officers of No.17 Sqn & No.23 Sqn pushing

 F-6 out during phase out ceremony

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