F-6 Farmer

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A F-6 standing guard at PAF museum

A dual Seater F-6 landing after a sortie

F-6 being escorted by
F-7PGs during farewell ceremony

F-6 from No.23 Sqn landing after a

training mission

Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir and Governor Balouchistan on  F-6 Phase out ceremony held at  Samungli Airbase

F-6 during routine Maintenance


President ZA Bhutto and Air Marshal Zafar Chaudhry visiting F-6 Squadron based at

Sargodha Airbase

F-6 Rebuild factory visited by President Zia and Prince Fahd bin Abdul Aziz on 10th Dec 1980

F-6 15sqn being presented squadron color by President Fazal E Chaudhry


No.26 F-6 Sqn being awarded squadron color by the Defence minister Ali Ahmed Talpur


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