F-6 Farmer

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No.17 Sqn F-6 flight lines.
No.17 Sqn was

re-equipped with F-7PG in 2001.



F-6 crew preparing rocket pod for a mission.


No.17 Sqn's F-6 cockpit.


F-6 undergoing major structural overhaul at

F-6 Rebuild Factory, PAC Kamra.


F-6 had one round air intake in the nose.

It was seperated from inside for each drwaing

air to each WP-6 engine.

F-6 had six under-wing store stations, 2x for

PL-2/Aim-9 Air-Air missiles, 2x for unguided rocket

launchers and 2x for 500kg drop tanks.

PAF inducted F-6 as primary air superiority fighter in 1966. During the 1971 war it was credited with atleast 10 air kills.

High-angle shot of F-6s swept-back wings.

All round view of F-6 aircraft.

F-6 was powered by two Wopen-6 turbojets

each rated at 5,730 lb st (25.49 kN) dry and

7,165 lb st (31.87 kN) with afterburning.



Closeup of F-6's 3x 30mm guns. These 30mm cannon give stopping power making it useful in ground attack missions.



F-6 had a combat radius of 685km with

typical weapon load and two drop tanks.

No.15 Sqn F-6 on the runway.

Combat Commanders School (CCS) F-6

parked at the squadron tarmac.

No.23 Sqn F-6 parked at static display

at Masroor base - 7 Sep 1996.

No.23 Sqn F-6 firing cannons. The unit has the honour of flying F-6 since its arrival till its last day in service ie 30th Dec 1965-27th Mar 2002.

No.19 OCU F-6 on the takeoff roll.


Vintage picture of F-6 during maintenance.

F-6 being opened up for maintenance.

No.15 Sqn "Cobras" F-6 formation.


CCS F-6 during a strafing run.

F-6 was known for its massive strength in

Close-Air-Support (CAS) / straffing.

Legendary F-6 formation flying over Skesar.

Skesar Air Base houses Air Defence School &

radar stations to provide air defence cover for

the North-Eastern part of Pakistan..

Three F-6s
formation during a training flight.

F-6 has been mainstay aircraft in PAF in both fighter training and air-defence role for over 36 years.

No.15 Sqn F-6 formation flying over a valley

Top to Bottom: F-6 Tails of No.25,15 and 26 Sqn.
During the prime of its career in early 80s, F-6 was
serving in 7 squadrons in PAF.

No.19 Sqn F-6 prior to banner shooting.

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