F-7P/PG Skybolt

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Pictures of Combat Commander's School (CCS) F-7P during routine tactical flights.

No.14 AS Sqn F-7 after a successful mission.
 This unit is also tasked to protect
the captical city, Islamabad.

A No.14 Sqn F-7P moments after deploying
drogue chute, which decreases the aircraft's
air speed and helps pilot in making a safe landing.

CCS F-7 during taxi.The sword marking
under their cockpit is present on both
CSS Mirage and F-7 squadron aircraft.

No.14 Sqn F-7 seconds before touching its front wheels on the runway.

CCS F-7 getting airborne for a training mission.
The aircraft is wearing high-wiz markings
along the tail

No.14 Sqn operates some dual seat FT-7
aircraft for fighter conversion.

No.18 OCU F-7s flying over Jinnah Barrage

F-7 formation on routine patrol

F-7 formation flying over Southern Punjab

CCS F-7s during a training mission


F-7 taking off with a center-line fuel tank


In-flight photo of F-7PG Heads up Display (HUD)

F-7P seen from the cockpit

Cockpit of F-7PG aircraft


In flight photo of No.14 Sqn F-7P

CAC built F-7MG, which was evaluated by two Pakistani pilots, resulting in purchase of 3 Squadrons of the aircraft ie No.17,23 & No.20 Sqn

were equipped

A view from the cockpit

No.17 and 23 Sqn F-7PGs flying over Karakorum

No.17 Sqn F-7PG on its way to landing

F-7PG at Skardu airfield


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