F-7P/PG Skybolt

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Formation of No.17 and No.23 F-7PG aircraft

F-7P landing at Skardu air field

F-7P flying over Tarbela dam

  No.14 Sqn F-7 during a deployment at Skardu airfield.  

No.2 Sqn F-7P flying over an air defence site,

PAF inducted 80 F-7P under Hand Shake-I

in  June1988. Seen above is a similar example

An OCU F-7 during taxi -Circa 1990s

  Rear and front views of F-7P.  

Flight line of No.18 Squadron
'Sharp Shooters'  F-7s.

Combat Commanders School (CCS) F-7P

 taking off for a sortie.

Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto inspecting

the first PAC assembled F-7P - Circa 1993.

No.23 Sqn F-7PG landing on
Samungli Airbase, Quetta.

F-7 pilot getting ready for mission.

A No.23 Sqn F-7PG pilot during scramble.

A F-7 from Tail choppers landing
after routine training mission.

F-7P taking off with two AIM-9P sidewinder Missiles.

Combat Commanders School F-7.

 No.14 Sqn F-7 pilot and crew conducting post flight checks.

CCS F-7 ready to rumble.

F-6 being escorted by F-7PGs during

its farewell ceremony on Mar 26, 2002.

F-7PGs on their way to taxi for a training mission.

A F-7PG being refueled with JP-8 fuel.

No.14 Sqn F-7s at runway.

F-7PG pilot after successful mission.

Crew fitting Sidewinder to No.2 Sqn F-7.

F-7 formation flying over river Jehlum.

A F-7PG pilot in the cockpit. Martin baker

ejection seats are installed in F-7PGs.

Flight line of No.17 Sqn F-7PG aircraft. The squadron is based at PAF Base Samungli, Quetta.


F-7PG taking off for training mission.

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