F-86 Sabre


Sabre parked at squadron's shelter during hot days of 1965 War. The aircraft is loaded with bombs and air-to-ground rockets.

PAF started receiving F-86
F in 1956, Fury and Attacker were moved out of inventory. By the end of 1957 100 Sabres were flying in PAF, mostly in newly formed squadrons i.e No.15 (1957), No.16(1957), No.17(1957),No.18(1957), No.19(1958) and No.11(1956), No.14 (1957).

Flight line of Sabers.

Members of Sabre' s display team 'Falcons'

during  takeoff. The team led by M.Z Masud flew with 16 Sabres on 2nd Feb 1958.

Ground crew adding weaponry to a Sabre aircraft.

Memorable photo of Sabre and IAF Gnat.

Gnat surrendered and landed at

Pasrur on 3rd Sep 1965.

F-86 formation during fire power demo 1958.

Crew loading external fuel stations

to F-86F aircraft.

Maintenance crew loading 5inch HVAR rockets

to F-86 aircraft. Sabre can carry 15 of them.

F-86 Sabre remained as mainstay aircraft in PAF, seen here a pilot posing for camera.

Sabres at flight line. F-86E was inducted in 1958.

It was withdrawn from service in 1981.

Sabre moments after after a low level

 napalm delivery.

crew analysing components of J-47 engine

Sixteen Sabres 'Falcons' during an air display on

2nd Feb 1958 at Mauripur.

Sabre loaded with 1000lbs bomb and drop tanks

Awesome high angle shotof F-86F aircraft

Tail section of an F-86 aircraft after a dogfight

Sabre parked at Sargodha base tarmac.

F-86F proved vital in 1965 war

F-86E parked at base tarmac in mid60s

No.18 Squadron F-86F flying
over Arabian Sea

No.26 Squadron F-86F flying over

Karakorum range


Sabres at Mauripur in 1957

1971war photo of Sabres  flying in
4-ship Echelon-left formation


F-86 Sabre with configuration
of weapon load


0.5mm cannon being loaded in F-86

F-86s bombing targets


Sixteen Sabres formation in an air display on 2nd Feb, 1958


F-86 Sabre armed and ready

Sabres 'Ballerians'  first PAF team to

 stream smoke


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