JF-17 Thunder

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 Thunders on 23rd March Parade (2008). Pilots: OC JF-17 TEF Wng Cdr Ahsan (lead). Wng Cdr Afzal, Sqn Ldr Rana Hakim Raza and Sqn Ldr Khalid.

JF-17 Sr.# 08-108 is one of the two aircraft which received dark colored markings during alternative color scheme trials. This scheme fail to impress PAF, current low-viz paint scheme was made the standard.

JF-17 with its armoury in Zhuhai Air show 2010.

Prominent weapons: KG-300G EW pod, C-802 AShM, SD-10A BVRAAM and PL-5E II SRAAM.



JF-17 Thunder taking off with two MK-82 500 pound bombs. [Exercise High Mark 2010]


JF-17 Thunder taking off with a MK-84 2000lbs bomb. JF-17 can carry three of such bombs. [Exercise High Mark 2010]


JF-17 Thunder rear tail section.
Inset: the outward curved portion houses the Radar Warning Receiver (RWR).


Pictures on newly built and un-makred Thunders in October 2009. JF-17 Block-II will commence from mid - 2012 to 2016.

Flight line of JF-17 Thunders at PAC Kamra.


JF-17#101 in its special Pak-China color scheme.


JF-17 simulator with glowing MFDs.


JF-17 Thunder Integrated Control Panel (ICP)
and Heads Up Display (HUD). The information displayed on all these MFDs is interchangeable and pilot can easily switch information among them.



JF-17 cockpit's right auxiliary control panel. It includes secondary voice communication panel, avionics power management, aircraft data storage and transfer management, cockpit lights management and HUD management options.


JF-17ís stick with buttons for weapon release

(red one), missile override (top right), display management (top-left), countermeasures management (front bottom).


Thunder#107 heads back to its shelter

after a training mission.

JF-17#111 during Exercise High Mark 2010.

[JF-17 Roll out ceremony - 23 Nov 2009]

The Green Thunder (09-111)

JF-17's glass cockpit with three 6X8 inch wide

Multi Functional Displays (MFD)

Flight line of eight Thunders

Thunders during test and evaluation flights from Minhas AB, Kamra in 2009.





Thunder formation taxiing out of T&E Sqn shelter at Minhas for an evaluation flight.

>> Top Row: Eight Thunders seen at T&E unit's tarmac in August 2008.

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