JF-17 Thunder

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JF-17 SBP aircraft seen lifting off the Minhas runway in September 2007.

JF-17 07-101 passing through No.25 TA Sqn

Mirages flight line at Minhas (2007).

JF-17 09-111 seen at roll-out ceremony on

November 23, 2009 at PAC Kamra.

JF-17 Serial# 07-102 Taking Off; note the vapours dispersed from the strakes.

JF-17 participating in 23rd March (2008)
parade fly past

JF-17 leaving Minhas AB for a T&E Flight

JF-17 Serial No 09-109 departing Minhas Air Base.

'Thundering Box' formation at 23rd March,2008 parade.

18th Feb 2010, The new Dawn
at No.26 Sqn 'Black Spiders'

Thunder riders being briefed by the OC before a test & evaluation mission

JF-17 Test pilot strapping up for a mission

JF-17 T&E (Test and Evaluation) Squadron pilot doing preflight checks before mission

JF-17 protortpe-04 during T&E flights at Chengdu flight center - 16th Jan, 2007.

An early design mockup of JF-17 Thunder.

JF-17 protortpe-04 taking off for its first official flight on 10th May, 2006

FC-1 mockup
with Chinese markings

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