JF-17 Thunder

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JF-17 Thunder Prototype-01 during its test flight on 19th Dec, 2003

JF-17 Thunder Prototype-01 prior to its test flight on 18th Dec, 2003.


JF-17 Prototype-3 ready for flight at Chengdu flight Center.

JF-17 Thunder ready explore the skies

JF-17 SBP aircraft parked at Minhas, Kamra

Thunder landing after a successful sortie

The first batch of two JF-17s arrived Pakistan on 2nd Mar, 2007 in a Russian An-124 aircraft

Cockpit of JF-17 Thunder

Thunder being towed by ground crew.

5th Apr 2004 : Dignitaries with JF-17 PT-03.

Prototype-06 taking off on 10th Sep 2006

23rd Mar2007 - Thunders during its first
fly past in Pakistani skies.

Former President Musharaf in JF-17 Cockpit during welcome ceremony held at PAC Kamra


CAS Tanvir Mehmood Ahmed addressing

Welcome Ceremony

Thunder flying over Korakoram

Thunder flying over river Ravi.


JF-17 Thunder flying over Faisal Mosque.


Thunder flying over river Jehlum

 ACM Tanvir Mehmood Ahmad  in JF-17 Cockpit at PAC, Kamra on his left is AM
Shahid Latif, then CPD JF-17 project.

Thunder flying over Islamabad on
23rd March 2007 parade.

ACM Tanvir with Chief designer of Thunder

 cockpit during his visit to Chengdu on flight

of Pt-04 in May2006.


The Team JF-17 - Circa 2007.


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