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PAF air chief, Chairman CATIC and Chairman PAC inaugurating JF-17 Thunder Avionics Production facility at PAC Kamra - 28 May, 2010.


Group photo of senior members of PAF and CATIC at Kamra Avionics and Radar Factory on the inaugural cermenoy of JF-17 Avionics Production Facility - 28 May, 2010.

A plaque showing tail numbers of 12 JF-17 made operational on 18 Feb 2010.




CAS PAF, ACM Rao Qamar Suleman during the formal induction ceremony of JF-17 Thunder in PAF- 18 Feb, 2010.

CAS PAF, ACM Rao Qamar Suleman adressing during the formal induction ceremony of JF-17 Thunder in PAF- 18 Feb, 2010.

AM Farhat Hussain, Chairman PAC presenting 12 JF-17s to DCS (Ops) AM Hasan on 18 Feb 2010.

PAF officials signing a contract with CATIC for purchase of 42 JF-17 Thunder aircraft. 40 of them to be build in Pakistan - 7th March 2009.

PAF Official Artist F/L Adnan Siraj (now Retd. S/L) and CAS PAF,

ACM Tanvir presenting JF-17 painting to president Pervez Mushshraf.


Female members of a Chinese delegation

during a visit at PAC, Kamra

   A JF-17 wearing markings of Pakistani and Chinese flag participated in National Day Parade -23rd March 2007.


CAS PAF, ACM Tanvir and President Mushsharf addressing welcome ceremony - 21st Mar, 2007.

CAS PAF, ACM Tanvir Mehmood Ahmed on the arrival ceremony of JF-17 Thunder in Pakistan - 12th Mar, 2007.

ACM Tanvir sitting in the cockpit of JF-17 Thunder

12th Mar, 2007.

Pioneering JF-17 team with Chairman PAC AM Khalid Choudhry, CAS ACM Tanvir and Project Director JF-17, AVM Farhat - 12th Mar, 2007.

A group photo of senior Chinese and Pakistani officials - 12th Mar, 2007.

Fuselage of JF-17 being taken out from

An-124 aircraft -  2nd Mar, 2007.


Prototype-4 moments after its successful

 on 10th May, 2006.

 Arrival of first batch of two JF-17s in a Russian

 An-124 aircraft - 2nd Mar, 2007


PAF senior official signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with China for production of JF-17 in Pakistan - 3 Oct, 2006.

JF-17 Project Director AVM Shahid Lateef shaking hands with Chinese counterpart - 23 Nov, 2006.

Chairman PAC signing a contract with Chinese counterpart - 16 Dec, 2006.

CAS PAF, ACM Tanvir Mehmood Ahmad gesturing a victory sign after witnessing first flight of Pt-04.

Pakistan team in Chengdu - 10th May, 2006



ACM Tanvir with Chief designer of JF-17cockpit

during his visit to Chengdu on flight of Pt-04.



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