Hongdu K-8 Karakorum

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K-8 Karakorum jet trainer undergoing routine inspection.


K-8 is being operated by PAF academy Risalpur

and No.1 FCU for fighter conversion.

K-8 display team 'Sherdils' preparing for

a training flight.

K-8 Karakorum jet trainer (Sr# 06-09-815)

landing at Zhuhai-Sanzao Airport, China, on November 12, 2010 Photo by Weimeng

K-8 formation performing at Zhuhai Air show 2010.
Photo by Weimeng

K-8 display team 'Sherdils' taking off for

a training flight at Zhuhai Air show 2010.

Photo by Weimeng

K-8's Heads Up Dsiplay (HUD) with Airborne
Video Tape Recorder (AVTR) in the middle.

K-8 at Zhuhai Air show 2010.

 Flight line of K-8, JF-17 and PLAAF August 1

demo team J-10s at Zhuhai Air show'2010.

K-8 demo team "Sherdils" in action.

12x K-8s that attended Zhuhai Air show'2010.

 K-8 demo team "Sherdils" completing a maneuver.

K-8 floating through the clouds.

In-flight photo of K-8 Advance Jet trainer.

 Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto inspecting K-8

during its induction ceremony on 25th Jan,1995

K-8 taking off for a training mission.

K-8 flying over Kohat.

 K-8s flying over Kohat.

K-8s  at PAF academy Risalpur.

K-8 formation in flight with smoke.

A K-8 formation during a training mission.

Early 1990s picture of K-8 prototype going through test and evaluation phase.


May1987, Pioneers of K-8 in Nanchang, China

Prototype of Karakorm-8 jet trainer.

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