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No.7 Sqn Mirage-IIIDP aircraft flying with IL-78 tanker for Air-to-Air Refueling. The addition of IL-78 tankers in PAF and refueling proble modification in Mirages has enhanced endurance of Mirage fleet.

Mirage-VPA belonging to No.15 Sqn 'Cobras' during a training flight. This squadron is armed with H-2 Joint Stand Off Weapon (JSOW), a lethal A-G weapon for fixed / moving high value targets.


CCS Mirage-III taking off from Mushaf AB for Exercise Saffron Bandit - 2013. CCS Mirages and

F-7s wear high-visibility markings and have

sword painted near engine inlets.


Flight line of No.8 Sqn 'Haiders' Mirage-VPA3 aircraft at PAF Base Masroor, Karachi. This unit is tasked with strike and maritime interdiction role since past 25 years.


Mirage-IIIEL (Ex-Lebanese AF) aircraft preparing for training sortie from PAF Base Masroor. This aircraft belong to No.22 Sqn 'Ghazis' ; an Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) for Mirage aircraft.



No.27 Sqn Mirage-IIIDP being refuel in mid-air.

This unit is tasked with tactical night attack

role, which is performed by using Night Vision Goggles (NVG) and Forward Looking Infra-red (FLIR) capability (visible under aircraft's radome).


Combat Commanders School (CCS) Mirage-IIIEA aircraft striking designated targets with Matra Durandal runway-penetration bombs.

No.27 Sqn Mirage-V dropping MK-82 Snake Eye

bombs at designated targets. Mk-82 Snake Eye

is a low level bomb with pop out fins, which are

automatically deployed when they are dropped from the aircraft. These fins increase the drag on the bomb slowing and allowing the aircraft to escape the area before detonation.


Series of pictures of No.27 Sqn Mirage-VEF dropping Mk-82 snake eye bombs and espacing the target area while deploying chaffs / flares for self protection purpose.


No.7 Sqn Mirage-IIIEA preparing to land at PAF Base Mushaf. This Ex-RAAF Mirages has undergone ROSE-I upgrade at PAC Kamra.

Mirage-IIIEA during landing approach at PAF base Mushaf. The 'big nose' allowed FIAR Grifo-M radar integration during Retrofit Of Strike Package-I(ROSE-I)


No.7 Sqn Mirage-IIIEA taking off from PAF Base Samungli, Quetta during Exercise Saffron Bandit' 2012. Seen in background are snow covered mountains of Baluchistan.


Mirage-V 'Delta' formation during a fly past.

Mirage-VEF from No.25 Sqn 'Night Strike Eagles' is specialist unit for Night strike and night interdiction role.


No.15 Sqn has been operating Mirage aircraft since 2002 from Rafiqui AB, Shorkot. The unit is tasked with tactial attack and Reconnaissance Role (TA&R). Seen above is Mirage-IIIEP (Ex-No.5 Sqn) recieved by PAF in 1968.


F-15 (RSAF) Mirage-VEF and F-16 during Exercise Al-Saqoor-II. In last decade PAF has participated in various exercise with US, Turkish, Chinese and Saudi Arab Air Forces.

Mirage aircraft shortly after taking off for Functional Check Flight (FCF) from PAF Base Minhas.


No.25 Sqn Mirage-V, then located at Minhas Air Base taking off for a training flight.


Mirage-IIIDP getting airborne for a training flight. Mirage operational units have few similar dual seat aircraft too for pilot-conversion onto this type.

ATAR-09c engine of Mirage aircraft undergoing

overhaul at Mirage Rebuild Factory (MRF), PAC Kamra.


46 Year old Mirage-IIIEP Sr#67-106 still in service with PAF. This Mirage was part of first batch of 24 Mirages delivered to PAF in 1967.


No.7 Sqn Mirage-IIIEA aircraft with A-A refueling probe. PAF has plans to complete installation of similar system in 30 Mirages by 2014.

Mirage aircraft undergoing modification for installation of Air-to-Air Refueling probe at MRF, PAC Kamra.


End-of-todays-flight! : Mirage-V pilot deploying drogue chute marking the end of training day at Minhas Air Base.

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