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Mirage-V during routine Maintenance

CCS Mirage firing rockets during High Mark 1985.

Mirage-VEF flying over beautiful valley


Mirage during a routine mission

Mirage-IIIEA flying with F-16 over Korakoram range

Mirage-VPA3 flying over Arabian Sea

No.8 Sqn Mirage-V formation flying

 over Arabian Sea. The unit is tasked with

 maritime support role


Mirage-V during routine Maintenance

Mirages Flight line at dusk

Mirage-V pilot getting ready for a training mission


Belly view of Mirage-V aircraft

No.8 Sqn Mirages ready to airborne

Mirage-III being prepared
for bombing mission

Crew checking under wing missile

stations of Mirage-V aircraft

No.7 Sqn Mirages during

routine maintenance

Crew loading the bomb at Mirage aircraft

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