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Mushshak aircraft flight lines at PAF Academy Risalpur. Seen also in the flight lines are Pak-Army (PA) Mushshaks which are flown by army pilots in Flying Instructors Course. Mushshaks have been routinely used by Pak-Army (PA) in inter-base communication duties and border patrol over Northern areas. As of today over 50+ Mushshaks are in active service with Pak-Army.


PAF has was handed over first Super Mushshak at Risalpur on May 16, 2001; since then all the original Mushshaks have now been replaced.


MFI-17 Sr # 91-6322 is among 188 Mushshaks built between 1983 and 1995 by AMF for Primary Flying Training Wing (PFTW) at PAF Academy Risalpur, PAF bases, PA and export orders.

Mushshak taking off from Minhas Air Base.

MFI-17 has well as outstanding low speed and short take- off and landing (STOL) performance.


Glass cockpit of Super Mushshak has been opted by various Middle Eastern customers of this aircraft.





Super-Mushshak came with Multi-Function-Displays (MFD), Dynon & Garmin Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS)..

Super Mushshak was launched by AMF in 1995, the aircraft flew in August 1996. Super Mushshak being improved version of MFI-17 came with improved six-cylinder Textron Lycoming 260hp engine (as compare to two-cylinder 200hp Textron Lycoming engine in Mushshak), cruising peed of 130kts (240km/h), which is around 25kts (62km/h) faster than the original aircraft, improved cockpit’s air onditioning system and Glass cockpit. In 2010 PAF has added provision for internationally reputed Dyon and Garmin cockpit instrumentation technology in Super Mushshak (cockpits pictured above).


Canopy of Mushshak aircraft undergoing development at Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (AMF), PAC Kamra.

Mfi-17 Mushshak aircraft undergoing depot level maintenance. Mushshak is powered by 200 HP IO-360 engine with a Time Between Overhaul (TBO) of over 2000 hrs.

Flight lines of Mushshak aircraft. PAF has been producing these aircraft under license of Saab since 1978. Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria are users of this aircraft. Recently Iraq has placed order for supply of these basic training aircraft.

Mushshak can perform reconnaissance, border patrol, light communication, target flying and target towing for ground units and forwad air control missions.

Prince Bin Abdul Aziz preparing for a flight in PAC Mushshak during a visit to Pakistan in 1998.

MFI-17 is also being used for inter base communication duties, an example is seen here departing PAF Academy Risalpur.

Super Mushshak flying over Cherat fort, the home of Special Service Group (SSG) unit of Pakistan Army ( late 1990s photo).


Turkish Air chief inspectng Mushshak during a visit to PAC, Kamra - 1991.


Mushshak taxiing for a routine flight

Mushshak flying over PAF academy Risalpur.

The aircraft has been fullfiling requirements of PFTW since past 27 years.

Mushshak flight line at PAC, Kamra. The nearest aircraft Sr # 78-5061 is among one of the Mushshaks delivered to PAF in 1978.

Mushshaks (74-604, 74-614) belonging to first batch delivered to PAF in 1974 flying in 3 Ship Echelon left formation.

Front view of Mfi-17  Mushshak parked at PAF Base Nur Khan, Chaklala.

Mushshak formation led by Gp capt Zafar Iqbal Mir flying over Islamabad, commemorating the Golden Jubliee of PAF in 1997

Mushshak mid-1970s vintage photo. PAF opted for SAAB MFI-17 Supporter aircraft as replacement to Pak Army L-19 aircraft in 1974.

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