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Thirsty Thunder :
A JF-17 Thunder being refueled  with IL-78 tanker. Main purpose of purchase of the IL-78 tanker/transport aircraft is to support the PAF' s future fleet of JF-17s of which PAF is looking to acquire more than 150 in numbers.

PAF will be able to refuel its JF-17 Thunder fighter aircrafts before the end of this year. JF-17 Thunder will carry C-802A Anti-Ship missile with range of 180 Km for maritime strike role to support Pakistan Navy.

IL-78 Midas mid-air refuelers will help Pakistan air force increase the range and endurance of its fighter aircrafts. This capability will also allow Pakistan to hit targets deep inside enemy territory by refueling the fighter aircrafts during flight.


Falcon over Sargodha :
A No.11 Sqn F-16 flying over its hometown, Sargodha. After arrival of F-16s in Jan 1983, No.11 Sqn became the first squadron to be equipped with F-16s.

F-16 Pilot's portrait :
A portrait of a F-16's pilot. In PAF the eligibility criteria to become an F-16 pilot is very difficult and require very good professional skills and competence, after leaving No.1 OCU at Mianwali generally pilots go to F-7s, fewer go Mirages, where as after some two years of flying in an operational squadron some of them join A-5 or F-7PG squadrons, very fewer of them went to F-16s the rest switch between F-7s,

Mirages & A-5s.


To fly an F-16 the pilot has to fly F-7P/PG for 2 years, then A-5/Mirage-III/V for 2 more years....if eligible enough he will get a chance to join an F-16 Squadron.


Arrows over Indus :
No.11 Sqn  F-16 patrolling over river Indus in southern Punjab. The squadron has the honor of shooting down most enemy aircraft. The legendary F-86 ACE MM Alam was squadron commander of the unit  in 1965 war.


Sunset and the Farmer :
A F-6 on a training sortie. On March 2002 F-6 was replaced by F-7PG aircraft. F-6 aircraft  flew more than 400,000 hours. The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamras F-6 Rebuild Factory, which was inaugurated in 1980, has played a major role in giving the F-6 aircraft a new lease of life by completely over-hauling it.

The Climbing Cobra:
A No.15 Sqn 'Cobras' Mirage-IIIDF on a training mission. No 15 Squadron was formed on 5th June 1956 at PAF Base, Mauripur.  it was designated as a tactical attack squadron. By the middle of June the squadron had received its first aircraft, a T-33, allotted for transition and instrument flying. The first F-86s were received on 20 July.

In July 1973, the unit was reequipped with the F-6.The Cobras continued to defend the western borders and faced Afghan intruders boldly until the end of the war. They flew innumerable scrambles as well as CAP missions throughout the conflict. The squadron got relocated to Minhas in June 1989. In July 1993, the squadron bade farewell to its aging F-6 aircraft and was re-equipped with the Chinese F-7P fighter interceptor aircraft.

On 31 October 1997 the unit was re-equipped with ex-French Mirages aircraft and has been moved to its new location, Rafiqui AFB, where it reside today.

The Beauty & the Beast:
A F-16 Fighting Falcon escorting Gulf Stream-IV VIP aircraft. When ever any head of state visits Pakistan ,F-16 escort starts at the entrance  in Pakistan's air space till  the landing. During Soviet-Afghan war F-16s also escorted PIA Airliners as well. At the last day in Office of PAF Air Chief, F-16s escort Falcon Da-20 or Gulf stream of Air Chief before decorating the new Chief of Air Staff of PAF.

Thunder getting airborne :
A JF-17 Thunder taking off for a Test & Evaluation Mission  from Minhas, Kamra. The T&E unit has played a very good role in getting JF-17 operational. 14 evaluated JF-17s have made their way to an operational squadron as well, with 2 JF-17s being produced each month at PAC, Kamra more aircraft of the type will join No.16 Squadron in coming this year.

F-6 flying over Mainwali:
A F-6 formation flying over Mainwali. F-6 was a very good air defence fighter with a very good thrust to weight ratio of 0.9 : 1 . PAF s expertise on the F-6 was fully tested during the 1971 Indo-Pak War. Its three F-6 squadrons, No.s 11, 23 and 25 gave an excellent account of themselves: flying 945 sorties comprising 735 hours and destroying numerous enemy tanks, armored cars and field guns during the close support missions. In air combat, F-6 pilots shot down eight Indian Air Force fighter aircraft including a superior MiG-21 and damaged five.

Thunder in Skies :
A JF-17 Thunder patrolling the aerial frontiers of Pakistan. As of today 16 JF-17s are in service in PAF, most of them are in No.26 Sqn, based at Peshawer.

Mission is over:
A F-7PGs formation returning home after completing a routine training mission. Evaluation of F-7PG (F-7MG) was carried out by PAF pilots in Chengdu in July 1997. 57 F-7PG (including nine FT-7PG) were ordered in late 2000 to replace the F-6 flown by No. 17 and No. 23 Squadrons. Deliveries began in June 2001.


F-7 flying over river Indus:
A No.18 Sqn F-7P flying over Indus river
. F-7P is a variant of F7M, embodying 24 modifications to meet operational requirements of Pakistan Air Force, including ability to carry four air-to-air missiles (Sidewinders) instead of two and fitment of Martin-Baker Mk 10L ejection seat

The Deadly Sabre:
Front view of the venerable F-86 Sabre.  In 1956, US provided Pakistan with F-86 Sabres replacing WW2 fighter in the fleet ie Fury and Attacker were moved out of service .By the end of 1957 100 Sabres were flying in PAF, mostly in newly formed squadrons ie No.15 (1957), No.16(1957), No.17(1957),No.18(1957), No.19(1958) and No.11(1956), No.14 (1957).


The Mighty Starfighter:
The agile Starfighter from its only  recipient No.9 Sqn. In 1961, the squadron's decade-long association with Furies as well as its piston-engined chapter came to an end. In March 61 came the F-104 Starfighters - the ultimate in aircraft technology at that time. In the PAF, 9 Squadron was the only recipient of this awe inspiring Mach 2 fighter which, through its sheer power and speed, struck terror in enemy ranks in both the India-Pakistan Wars. The Starfighters, after rendering valuable service for more than a decade, faded out of Pakistani skies in the early 70s.


K-8 with smoke on:
A Korakoram-8 during Dubai Air show. In past decade PAF pilots have performed in a number of air shows. In April 2010 K-8 joined Sherdil Demo team, replacing T-37. A colorful display was presented by 4 Sherdils with K-8s during Fire Power demo of High Mark 2010 Exercise.

The Anatolian Eagle:
A box formation of TUAF, PAF, HAF and USAF F-16s at Anatolian Eagle


Falcon's Time to play:
A F-16 Pilot strapping up for a Combat Air Patrol mission.

Deadly Griffin with 1000hrs:
A 1000hrs No.9 Sqn F-16 pilot and wingman on routine mission.

No.18 Sqn F-7s flying over their home base:
No.18 Sqn 'Sharp Shooters' F-7 flying over Mainwali Airbase .In 1989, after a brief stay at Kamra, No. 18 Squadron moved back to Rafiqui. The squadron was re-equipped with F-7P aircraft, and fifteen pilots were posted to the squadron. In 1994-95, the squadron participated in different exercises like Saffron Bandit, Twilight, Sky Guard-III, and High Mark-95 and performed extremely well.

The year 1997 brought new laurels to the squadron when it won the 'Air Superiority' and 'Top Gun' trophies. It was the first F-7P squadron to have won the highest honour of the PAF.

Buster-I was the last exercise in which the squadron participated from Rafiqui. The end of the year 1998 witnessed relocation of the squadron to PAF base Mianwali. The squadron became an Operational Conversion Unit by the start of year 1999.


No.25 TA Sqn Mirage-VEF over Ghazi Brotha:
A No.25 Tactical Attack Squadron Mirage-VEF flying over water project of Ghazi Brotha.

Mirage-IIIEA in flight:
Mirage-IIEA during routine mission. Today No.5, No.7, No.8, No.22, No.25, No.27 Sqn and CCS are flying Mirages, all Mirages are upgraded to ROSE standard. Each squadron has its own valuable role to play i.e airfield strike, battlefield interdiction, armed recce (for targets of opportunity) ,day/night interceptions and maritime role.

GRIFFINS in the air:
A F-16B from No.9 Sqn. This F-16 Arrived in the  PAF inventory on 20th July 2007. No.9 Multi Role Squadron is the senior-most squadron of the PAF and has always been considered its most elite unit. The F-86, F-104, Mirage, and the F-16 aircraft have been on the inventory of this squadron. Since Air Marshal Asghar Khan, seven Chiefs of the Air Staff have been members of this squadron. Undoubtedly no other PAF Squadron pilots can be as proud of his history as a Griffin. This squadron celebrated its fifty year anniversary on 14 October 1993

The new Fighting Falcon for PAF:
Pakistan Air Force has is buying 18 new Block-52 F-16C/D with Conformal Fuel Tanks. On June 26th 2010, the first batch of Block-52M F-16s arrived at PAF Base Jacobabad. By the end of the year all 18 Block-52 F-16s will be delivered to PAF.

Night Strike Eagles over Islamabad:
No.25 Sqn 'Night Strike Eagles' Mirages flying over Faisal Mosque, Islamabad. The squadron was relocated at PAF Base Minhas on 25 January 1996. It formed a staging flight for ROSE modified Mirage aircraft. The squadron completed trials on all such aircraft in 1998.The squadron was re-designated as 25 TA Squadron and assigned the specialist night attack role with effect from March 1997. On 29 September 1998, the first two Mirage-VEF (ROSE-II) aircraft were ferried to Minhas from France.
Today the squadron is a full-fledged operational squadron as it operates Mirage-VEF ROSE-III aircraft.

F-6s during last flight:
F-6s during their last day of its service, On 26th March, 2002 the 71 War Hero F-6 after serving 36 years in PAF was retired from service(1966-2002) Double delta winged F-7PG replaced F-6.

Leader watching Wingman:
No.11 Squadron F-16 pilot watches his wingman during a routine mission.

FT-7P on the runway:
A No.2 Sqn FT-7P on the runway for takeoff. From 1991-92 15 FT-7P were acquired from China under Handshake-III, 40 F-7P later joined in 1993 under Handshake-IV.

Thunder Pilot And Wingman:
A Thunder Pilot and Wingman in formation
.In Just five years the aircraft has moved from first flight to operational flying with a squadron status. NO.26 Sqn traded its A-5 with JF-17 in Feb 2009.

No.7 Sqn Mirage-III pilot & Wingman:
No.7 Squadron Mirage-III ROSE pilot and wingman flying over desert. In 1996, PAF signed a contract with Sagem for upgrade of 33 Mirage-VEF and 6 Mirage-III DF which were eventually upgraded to ROSE standard. The upgrade include a new Grifo air interceptor radar and integration of air to air weapons.
In upcoming years more Mirages were bought from Libya at very cheap rates. PAF collected Mirages from Libya, Lebanon, France, Australia where as spare were acquired from some other countries as well making PAF as the largest operator of Mirages in the world.

F-7PG over Jehlum river:
A Chinese built F-7PG flying over  river Jehlum.F-7PG has 14,650lbs thrust as compare to 13,450lbs thrust of F-7P with new glass cockpit and modified avionics. Weapons payload capacity, fuel storage & internal guns is same as F-7P but F-7PG is more maneuverable as compare to F-7P because of aircraft s leading edge flap and double delta wing design which gives it great advantage.

No.5 Sqn Mirages on Patrol:
No.5 Sqn 'Falcons' Mirage-VPA on routine CAP mission. The squadron participated actively in all PAF operational exercises. The specialist role of photo reconnaissance keeps the squadron's operations dispersed to multiple locations around the year. Monthly ADA duties and different training cycles further increase the operational responsibilities of this squadron. During peacetime, the squadron fulfilled another kind of assignment by actively participating in the last election and census duties. The No. 5 squadron Falcons take their name from the squadron crest painted on their mirages.

A-5C over Peshawar:
No.26 Sqn  'Black Spiders' A-5 flying over Peshawar. The unit traded its A-5 for JF-17s in Feb 2010, making it the first operational squadron to be equipped with JF-17s.

Belly view of Fighting Falcon-16:
Belly view of F-16 Fighting Falcon.

No.14 Sqn F-16 in Mid 80s:
A No.14 Sqn 'Tail Choppers' 'F-16A shortly after takeoff. On Dec 14, 2006 its was announced that PAF will receive 34 MLU kits for upgradation of entire Peace gate I-II and III F-16s. By 2011 all F-16s will be upgraded.

MLU kits include AN/APG 68 (V)9 Synthetic Aperture Radar, Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing system, Advanced Identification of Friendly or Foe Systems, Advance Counter Measure Dispenser Systems, Sniper targeting pods, reconnaissance pod capability and Air Combat Maneuvering Instruments.

No.5 Sqn Mirage-VPA:
No.5 Squadron 'Falcons' operates  Mirage-VPA aircraft. The No.5 Tactical Attack and Reconnaissance Squadron is the second oldest fighter squadron in the PAF. The pilots of this illustrious squadron use special reconnaissance pods to photograph the entire eastern border from the Himalayas to the Arabian Sea. The entire squadron is divided into several parts, and is conducted in close coordination with friendly radars and escorts. The squadron uses four different types of Mirage aircraft. This alone makes it a unique squadron, as it has to face multiple maintenance and operational problems. Despite this, the squadron won the Inter-Squadron Maintenance Efficiency Trophy in 1991, 1992 and 1995. During ISAC-96, the squadron was placed first among all the conventional weapon systems and was judged to be fourth over all.

The squadron completed fifty years on existence on 25 October 1997.

Taxiing F-7:
A No.19 Squadron taxies out of its shelter for a training mission. The F-7P aircraft arrived in the squadron jn July 1990, squadron was re-equipped at Rafiqui thus becoming the fourth squadron to do so. It received its first eight F-7Ps by the end of February 1991. Following final delivery of the FT-7s,No. 19 Squadron took on the role of operational conversion unit (OCU) from No. 20 Squadron, and the number plate from No. 25 'Eagles' OCU at PAF Mianwali, to become the primary front line introduction unit to the PAF. The first four FT-7 aircraft were ferried from Hotian, China and were inducted in the squadron on 7 August 1991. The squadron was tasked to conduct the first Operational Conversion Course on F-7P aircraft.

No.14 Sqn F-7P over Kohat:
A F-7P flying over Kohat. Since Sep 93 the Squadron is flying this type.

Fighting Falcon on routine mission:
A No.11 Squadron F-16A during a routine training mission. PAF has upgraded most of its F-16s and are still sending more each year to US for up gradation of 25yr old F-16s. By the end of 2010 all the PAF F-16s will be upgraded to F-16AR Block-15 OCU Standard.

Hercules at Skardu:
A C-130 on the Skardu runway. I n 1963, 4 Lockheed C-130Bs were received under the US aid programme, phasing out Bristol Freighters. Today 16 C-130s are flying in PAF from Chaklala and Faisal Base.

No.8 Sqn Mirage-V pilot:
No.8 Sqn is tasked maritime strike using Exocet anti ship missile. The No. 8 Tactical Attack Squadron is the only squadron in the PAF that provides maritime support missions to the Pakistan Navy, in addition to carrying out its normal operational commitments as a strike platform. The squadron aircraft are capable of carrying the Exocet Anti-ship Missile.

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