Air Defence Systems of Pakistan Air Force





Spada 2000 air defense system (Medium Range SAM): PAF bought 10 batteries of Spada 2000 system in 2007. Each battery has two firing sections, each section has Missile Launcher housing six ready-to-fire ASPIDE 2000 missiles with a range of 25km. RAC-3D (Spada-2000's radar) has the capacity to track 100 targets simultaneously within a range of 60km.


The AN/TPS-77, is a mobile, active phased array,

long range, L-band, 3D solid-state radar designed

to perform airspace surveillance missions.


Air Defence Alert (ADA) summary display at a center with details of aircraft assignment in different sectors of Pakistan.

AN/TPS-77 3-D long-range surveillance radar that has accurate target data at ranges up to 250 nautical miles and elevations up to 100,000 feet from a radar that can operate 24 hours a day, even with no on-site personnel.

An Air defence radar site on a mountain peak

Mistral operators on alert

ATC Officers during routine day work

Air Defence Weapons Controllers (ADWC) in action

Mistral missile operators undergoing training

at an air defence unit. Mistral is an infrared homing surface-to-air missile.

ADWC operator

In 2005, PAF placed an order for purchase of six long range AN/TPS-77 transportable radar systems.

A C4I system of PAF.

Pictures of ground based radar systems

operational with PAF.

  A missile being fired from Man-portable air-defense

systems (MANPADS) at  a target.



Crotales are in service in PAF since 1980s.

Crotale Surface-to-air unit going in action.

Crotale is all-weather short-range anti-air missile

with a range of up to 16 km.


Air defence men scrambling to their Crotale

R440 units. R440 is 4x4 wheeled, armed with

four missile launchers.




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