Defence Day Air show 2015 – Fatima Jinnah Park Islamabad

To celebrate 50th anniversary of Pakistani armed forces victory of 1956 war, an  airshow was organised at  Fatima Jinnah Park, F-9, Islamabad. The day reminds us of professionalism and bravery of Pakistani soldiers to decimate enemy’s monstrous forces.

PAF in particular ensured air guards of Pakistani frontiers and despatched the enemy forces back from where they had come. The day also reminds us of those who went on missions – never to return.

F-9 Park airshow Summary:

1130hrs:  High Speed Run by Mirage-III
1132hrs: Super Mushshak aerobatics
1139hrs: Sherdils display
1148hrs: JF-17 Thunder, 26 Sqn
1155hrs: F-16 MLU, 9 Sqn
1202hrs: AS350 Écureuil aerobatics (Pak Army)                                                                                                                            [ All photos credits: Abid Khan]

C-130 & Alouette

No.6 Sqn C-130 (Callsign “Stranger12”) provided air surveillance of venue prior to the airshow. The aircraft was seen flying at altitude of 9000-10,000 ft. Alouette-III from Search-And-Rescue unit provided Metro-logical support.

Mirages Sonic Boom

Two low-level flying Mirage-IIIEL aircraft kicked off the airshow with a massive sonic boom followed by vertical High-G maneuver polished by released of flares. Both aircraft took the audience by surprise & faded away in less than 15 seconds.



Super MushshakSuper Mushshak (Serial # 97-6394) of Pakistan Aeronautical Complex showed its potential & maneuvering skills. PAC has exhibited the aircraft in various airshows in Middle East in the past; recently it participated in Bucharest International Air Show (BIAS) in Romania in June. The aircraft has cruising speed of 130kts (240km/hr) and comes with internationally reputed Dyon and Garmin cockpit instrumentation technology. Mushshak can carry weapons / bombs on six external stations and can also perform border patrol duties.

Sherdils - K-8 9- Sherdils from PAF Academy Risalpur brought colours to the airshow. The team showed their precise flying, sharp reflexes and exceptional piloting skills in maneuvering the aircraft in close formations. The team’s menu remained the same since its inception in 1974 i.e. line astern to diamond formation during a loop, then clover-leaf, steep turn, barrel roll and finally, the breath-taking bomb-burst. In Sherdils, 6 aircraft perform where as three aircraft perform the initial run-in and break-off in a linear bomburst over the venue.

JF-17 Thunder - Pakistan's PridePakistan’s pride JF-17 Thunder (Serial # 09-111) flown by O/C 26 MR Sqn brought the WoW factor  to the airshow. The aircraft flew various fast passes, slow passes, fast rolls and inverted roll in its 7-min performance.

JF-17 Thunder has been inducted in 3 combat squadrons of PAF, with a 4th unit gearing up to receive this aircraft. The success of Pak-China JF-17 Thunder has brought an affordable Multi-Role combat aircraft not only to PAF but to many Middle Eastern & Asia countries who are looking for replacement of their combat fleet with state-of-the-art fighter aircraft. Recently Myanmar has signed at deal for purchase of one squadron of this aircraft.

F-16 Fighting FalconThe legendary F-16 Fighting Falcon flown by O/C No.9 MR Sqn stole the airshow with its breathtaking performance. The pilot exhibited aircraft’s maneuverability in tight turns, slow-speed pass. On the peak of display, the aircraft comes down to low level and performed max-performance turn…taking Islamabad by a storm!


As-350 Ecuriel, PAAFollowed by PAF performances were  AS350 Écureuil aerobatics of Pak Army Aviation wing and flight of Special Services Group (SSG) commandoes hanging from slings with AS-332 Super Puma aircraft. Motor-glider flight by PAF Academy Risalpur and para-trooping by special forces units of all three forces dropped from C-130 aircraft at about 10,000 ft brought more colours to the airshow.

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AS-332, PAA & SSGF-16 Fighting Falcon Super Mushshak, PAC Super Mushshak, PAC

Sherdils - K-8  Sherdils - K-8 Sherdils - K-8

Sherdils - K-8Sherdils - K-8 Sherdils - K-8 Sherdils - K-8

JF-17 Thunder - Pakistan's Pride JF-17 Thunder - Pakistan's Pride JF-17 Thunder - Pakistan's Pride JF-17 Thunder - Pakistan's Pride JF-17 Thunder - Pakistan's Pride JF-17 Thunder - Pakistan's Pride  F-16 Fighting Falcon F-16 Fighting Falcon F-16 Fighting Falcon F-16 Fighting FalconF-16 Fighting Falcon F-16 Fighting Falcon F-16 Fighting Falcon F-16 Fighting FalconF-16 Fighting Falcon F-16 Fighting Falcon F-16 Fighting Falcon F-16 Fighting Falcon F-16 Fighting Falcon



Photos from Exercise Anatolian Eagle 2015

Photos from latest edition of Exercise Anatolian Eagle (2015-1) which was conducted from June 8th to 19th, 2015.

Anatolian Eagle exercises (similar to “Red Flag” exercise) simulate a war-time environment and gives chance to fighting forces to test their mettle in various scenarios. The exercise is grouped into three teams; HQ (white), Red and Blue Forces. The white team manages the training scenarios, monitor and evaluate performance of Red & Blue teams. Red team was tasked with attack on Blue team, whereas element of Air Defence (SAMs/AAAs/Anti-Aircraft-guns) was included in Blue team’s package.

Anatolian Eagle 2015-1 participating countries:

Turkish Air Force (42 x F-16C/D,12 x F-4E/2020s, 1 x Boeing KC-135R, 1 x Boeing EW-7T)
Royal Air Force, UK: 8 x Typhoon FGR4/T3, XI Sqn., Coningsby
Spanish Air Force: 6 x EF-18M , Ala 15, Zaragoza
Pakistan Air Force: 6 x F-16 A/B MLU, 38 Wing, 9 Sqn., Mushaf
US Air Force: 12 x F-15C/D, Lakenheath, UK
German Air Force: 1 x Airbus A 310, Köln-Bonn
Nato: 2 x E-3A Geilenkirchen, Germany

All photos credits: Zafer Buna

Exercise Anatolian Eagle 2015-1 Exercise Anatolian Eagle 2015-1

O/C 9 Sqn Landing F-16 during Exercise Anatolian Eagle 2015 with Turkish Air Force & NATO.

Exercise Anatolian Eagle 2015-1 Exercise Anatolian Eagle 2015-1

Exercise Patch (left)  – PAF C-130s provided logistics support to their team.

Exercise Anatolian Eagle 2015-1 Exercise Anatolian Eagle 2015-1 Exercise Anatolian Eagle 2015-1 Exercise Anatolian Eagle 2015-1

No.9 Sqn “Griffins” F-16 MLUs equipped with AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles took part in Air-Air and Air-Surface mission during the exercise. PAF pilots have proved their mettle in multinational Exercises with U.S,U.K,China,Tukey,Saudia Arabia,UAE, France, Itlay, NATO,Egypt, Jordan and many other Air Forces in last decade.

JF-17 Block-2 Update from “The Thunder City”

Flying JF-17 Thunder over French skies in Paris Air Show for the first time was W/C Mian Usman Ali, Officer Commanding No.26 Sqn. The performance was 6th air display by PAF JF-17 overseas in an airshow.

Back in the country, PAF is ramping up its JF-17 production lines with over 60 units being made and 50 flying in air-defence-operations. The long awaited JF-17 Block-II has been under production since few months now and flying since Feb’15. The aircraft will be improved version of its previous Block in avionics, electronic warfare package, KLJ-7 V2 radar and in-flight-refueling system for enhanced range.

JF-17 Block II will also have improved data-bus for integration of BVR weapons and precision guided munitions. Improved weapons package for Block-II will prove to be the ‘real-punch’ in PAF’s arsenal. The weapon package will include CM-400 anti-shipping missile, CM-102 anti-radiation missile and variety of GPS/INS guided glide bombs.

JF-17 will have South African origin in-flight-refueling system; which is being implemented by integration of air refueling probe on starboard of the fuselage (behind the cockpit). Two aircraft from first batch (referred as Block-1) are upgraded for flight testing of the system; installation on Block-II aircraft will be conducted from 2016.


JF-17 Serial 15-207 all set for T&E flight is one of the freshly painted Block-IIs in PAF paint scheme. Photo via Ibrahim Hashim

JF-17 Thunder Block-2 2P-04

JF-17 Block-II Serial 2P11 (15-211) undergoing structure build up at PAC. Photo via Ibrahim Hashim

JF-17 Thunder 10-126 & 2P11 Block-IIJF-17 Thunder 10-126

JF-17 Block-I serial 10-126 flanked by Block-IIs. In physical appearance not much difference exists in both Blocks but from avionics and electronics point-of-view the latter shall be improved machine. Photo via: Ibrahim Hashim

JF-17 Block-I Serial # 10-115 and Block-II Serial 2P04 (15-204) JF-17 Block-I Serial # 10-115 and Block-II Serial 2P04 (15-204) JF-17 Block-I Serial # 10-115 and Block-II Serial 2P04 (15-204)

Recent photos of JF-17 Block-I Serial # 10-115 and Block-II Serial 2P04 (15-204) parked under shed for ground testing at PAC, Kamra also known as “The Thunder city”. Since roll out of first JF-17 in 2009, PAC is now building 58% of the aircraft. Earlier most of the assemblies were ferried to Pakistan all the way from China. Photos via Ibrahim Hashim

JF-17 Parish airshow 2015

W/C Usman pushing JF-17 to limits during 51st Parish airshow 2015. The pilot crossed 8G limit on various occasions during the display. Photo via PAF

JF-17 Thunder SD-10 BVR & C-802 Anti-shipping missile load

JF-17 Thunder from No.16 Sqn “Black Panthers” seen with a massive load of SD-10 Beyond Visual Range Missile (BVR), PL-5E II Air-Air Missile and C-802 Anti-Ship Missile. The integration of C-802 missile has been completed and the aircraft is all set to replace Masroor Air Base based No.2 Sqn F-7s in Maritime support role. Photo via PAF

F-7 No.2 Sqn “Minhas” F-7 No.2 Sqn “Minhas”

F-7s from No.2 Sqn “Minhas” seen at an operational base during Exercise Saffron Bandit 2011. The unit has been operating the type since August 1990. All aircraft in Minhas squadron are configured with corrosion resistant WP-7C engines for operations over Arabian sea and coastal areas. With Induction of JF-17 in this unit, PAF shall be able to defend its southern skies and coastal belt in more efficient way.


Pictures on JF-17 induction in CCS – 26-Jan-2015

PAF has recently inducted JF-17 in its aggressor’s unit “Combat Commanders School”. In first batch a mix of new & fairly old air frames (five initially) are transferred  from No.16 & No.26 Sqn. The newly raised CCS JF-17 unit shall perform along with CCS Mirage & CCS F-7 for sometime; later on CCS F-7 shall be morphed in CCS JF-17.

Aircraft Serial/Original unit

10-120                               26 Sqn
11-130                               16 Sqn
12-141                               26 Sqn
10-125                               16 Sqn
10-117                               26 Sqn

jf-17_thunder_ccs_combat_school_01 jf-17_thunder_ccs_combat_school_03 jf-17_thunder_ccs_combat_school_03
JF-17 serial No.s 10-120 & 12-141 landing at its new home Mushaf Air Base, Sargodha, Both aircraft are transferred from No.26 Sqn and shall be receiving new paint markings for CCS.

jf-17_thunder_ccs_combat_school_05 jf-17_thunder_ccs_combat_school_06 jf-17_thunder_ccs_combat_school_05
Five JF-17s lined up with CCS Mirage & CCS F-7 after arriving at Mushaf for formal induction ceremony in CCS.

jf-17_thunder_no_16_sqn_ccs_combat_school_induction_ceremony_cake jf-17_thunder_no_16_sqn_ccs_combat_school_pilots_induction_ceremony_01 jf-17_thunder_no_16_sqn_ccs_combat_school_pilots_induction_ceremony_02
JF-17 pilots group photo with DCAS Ops Air Marshal Sohail  Aman, Base Cdr Mushaf and other senior PAF officers. The specially made cake (left most photo) was cut on the event; the cake is made similar to CCS patch (also worn by pilots in the group photo).

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JF-17 Thunder inducted in Combat Commanders School

Yesterday PAF has inducted JF-17 in its third operational squadron. The ceremony was conducted at PAF Base Mushaf, Sargodha “the home of Falcons” and saw induction of JF-17 in PAF’s topgun school “Combat Commanders School”. JF-17 induction in CCS point to that fact that PAF wants this aircraft become mature & thoroughly tested in advance tactical flight scenarios. In CCS; a part from advance tactics and flying JF-17 shall  also be perfoming weapons integration trials for new weapons for PAF.


A specially made cake for the event.




Flight lines of recently arrived JF-17 from No.16 Sqn. More aircraft shall join the unit in coming weeks.


Read More on JF-17 update on our blog post dated Dec 16, 2014.

JF-17 Thunder Update – 2014

Inducted in the PAF as a medium-tech combat aircraft in 2010, the JF-17 Thunder’s production has been gathering pace ever since the launch of the Block-2 standard aircraft on 18th Dec 2013. Significant improvements have been incorporated in the ‘Block-II’ variant such as a more powerful radar (KLJ-7 V2),  improved electronics package (EW pods and enhanced sensors), enhanced databus for launch of Precision-Guided-Munitions (PGM – also known as Laser-Guided-Bombs) and long range/stand-off weapons such as the Glide-guided-bomb (LS-6), strengthened wing roots to carry an additional load of up to 3000lbs and last but not the least, the only prominent external add-on; the air-to-air refueling probe (for increased range and loiter time for Combat Air Patrols).

In the recent edition of Zhuhai Air Show 2014, China, CATIC had displayed an array of new weaponry for the JF-17. As compared to the weapons package that was put on display in the previous edition, it seems clear that the PAF, which has invested a heavy capital and human resource over the last decade, wants to get ‘a lot more’ out of the Thunder Programme. The LS-6 Glide-guided-bomb, PL-5EII SRAAM, SD-10 BVRAAM, MAR-1 ARM and C-802 Anti-Ship missile, all have been tested and configured with the JF-17. Weapon testing of CM-400AKG; a 900kg Stand-Off-Missile (SOM) with an impressive range of 180 -250 km is already underway in China.

JF-17 at Zhuhai Air Show 2014, China, CATIC

JF-17 at Zhuhai Air Show 2014, China, CATIC

Weapons package of the JF-17 on display at Zhuhai Airshow 2014. Of prominence are C-802AK Anti-Ship missile (first picture – above ), GB-600 Stand-Off-Weapon (SOW) and C-102 Anti-Radiation Missile. CM-102 is a Anti-Radar Missile with range of 100km. It has high hit accuracy and a 80kg warhead. PAF has already inducted the Brazillian origin MAR-1 ARM for its JF-17 fleet.

-17 Block-II with in-flight refueling probe.

Artistic impression of JF-17 Block-II with in-flight refueling probe. The aircraft is equipped with GBU-12 LGBs and  WMD-7 Pod on centerline station with CCS marking.

Artistic impression of the JF-17 Block-II formation employing 500kg GB-6 SOW

Artistic impression of the JF-17 Block-II formation employing 500kg GB-6 SOW. GB-6 is a 500kg bomb guided with GPS/INS system. It can be used for large-scale ground targets such as vital enemy installations.

Extending the reach:

Among the only major external improvement in the Block-II standard JF-17 is the addition of an in-flight aerial refueling probe. Integration and testing work is underway at PAC (where the air-to-air refueling probe is being integrated on the starboard side of the fuselage just behind the canopy) with joint-collaboration from a South African company.  This modification shall help the JF-17 extend its range and increase its on-station time by air-air-refueling with IL-78 tankers, already in service with PAF.

Two JF-17s are being used as test beds for in-flight-refueling probes. The flight trials with IL-78 tanker are scheduled in the first half of 2015.

More Thunder inductions:

Since its formal induction in the PAF in February 2010, JF-17 has been extensively used in air-defence and fighter-training roles. As the aircraft is maturing into a potent platform with no outside ‘political strings’ attached, the PAF is at a leisure to phase-out its aging fleet of Mirage and F-7 aircraft.

PAF shall receive the long-awaited third squadron of JF-17s end of December. This time the Thunder will join the elite faculty of Combat Commanders School (CCS) where it will replace the F-7 CCS squadron. Formerly known as the Fighter Leaders School (FLS) in the late-1950s, with the expansion and modernization of the PAF there was a need felt to have a specialized institution where experienced fighter pilots could be trained not only as instructors to supervise the training programme of fighter squadrons but also to provide combat leadership in the air. In 1976 FLS was renamed Combat Commanders School (CCS) with a mission to go beyond the stated aims and objectives at the time.  Hence, the roadmap of providing fighter pilots with comprehensive courses in combat leadership and advanced fighter tactics got underway.

With two Thunder Squadron’s already operational (No.26 ‘Black Spiders’ and No.16 ‘Black Panthers’), having a CCS JF-17 Squadron as the third unit to equip the type makes sense and fits the bill for two reasons; Firstly, while the two operational squadrons can focus on ‘polishing’ their pilot skills in the air-to-air and air-to-ground arena, the advanced concepts and tactics which will be validated from the CCS’s Thunder Sqn can then be propagated professionally among the other Thunder Squadrons. Secondly, another major role of the CCS is of conducting weapons trials and surveys.

As the Chief of Air Staff ACM Tahir R Butt was quoted in Flight International (July 2014 issue – interviewed by a British military-aviation journalist Alan Warnes):

“I felt it was too much for a squadron to expect them to be operational, train pilots, visit air shows and do testing, so i split it.”

“These aircraft will bring us newer capabilities with different weapons,” Tahir says. Once the weapons testing parameters are achieved and become operationally ‘fit’ they will be incorporated into the PAF’s combat doctrine and thus help in ensuring the Thunder takes on the same role as that of the F-16, of becoming a true multi-role combat aircraft for the PAF.

CCS Mirage-III taking off from Mushaf AB

CCS Mirage-III taking off from Mushaf AB for Exercise Saffron Bandit (2013). CCS Mirages and F-7s wear high-visibility markings and have a sword painted below the canopy.

CCS bids farewell to F-6 aircraft.

CCS bids farewell to F-6 aircraft. F-7P with modern avionics and chaff/flares dispensers was inducted in the faculty in early 1993.

JF-17 Serial # 13-149 (the second last JF-17 built from first batch of 50 aircraft)

JF-17 Serial # 13-149 (the second last JF-17 built from first batch of 50 aircraft) departs Minhas Air Base for Functional Check Flight (FCF) in July 2013. The entire Block-1 production fleet of JF-17s will be upgraded in phases and brought on par with the Block-2 standard.

JF-17 leads a formation of Mirage-VEF, F-7PG, J-10 (PLAAF) and J-7E (PLAAF) aircraft in Exercise Shaheen-III

JF-17 leads a formation of Mirage-VEF, F-7PG, J-10 (PLAAF) and J-7E (PLAAF) aircraft in Exercise Shaheen-III at PAF Base Rafiqui, May 2014.

Pair of CCS F-7s prepare to taxi for Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT) with No.11 Sqn F-16s.

Pair of CCS F-7s prepare to taxi for Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT)

Pair of CCS F-7s prepare to taxi for Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT) with No.11 Sqn F-16s.

IDEAS 2014: report-2 Light Armoured & Personnel vehicles

During 8th edition of IDEAS International Defence Exhibition variety of Light Armoured & Personnel vehicles were displayed.  The vehicles were displayed by PAK Armouring, Land Rover/Sigma Motors and Streit group.

PAK armouring displayed Uqaab Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV), Toyota Prado & Land Cruiser SUVs with  improved protection against IED and 7.62x51mm assault rifle rounds (traditional B6 protection level).

PAK armouring Land cruiser comes with 6MM Ballistic Steel fitted in an inside doors as excess to original door panels. All original windows  are replaced with ballistic glass/polycarbonate 40MM matrix.  Vehicles original dashboard is replaced with armored panels whereas floor is replaced with  Flexible ballistic Kevlar offering protection to entire floor of the vehicle. The vehicle can absorb bomb and IED’s fragmentation.

PAK Armouring Uqaab LAV is designed to provide protection against high power rifles such as 762 x 39, 5.56 x 45, 7.62×51, M193 etc. Uqaab can support a wide range of military, police/counter-terrorism operations can perform in most difficult terrains. The vehicle provides its user protection against IED,anti-personnel mines and grenade blasts as well. The vehicle comes with roof turret, which can by utilised by employing 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun.


Sigma motors Land rovers for army and grounds units

Various variants of Land Rover Defender 90 personnel carrier vehicles were showcased at IDEAS. The Defender 90 provides outstanding mobility and  all-terrain performance. The vehicles were displayed in hard-top, soft-top and pick-up variants and were marketed for law-enforcement / ground forces role.


Streit Group showcased various vehicles for counter-terrorism/army/law-enforcement role and armour vehicles for VIP personnel. The vehicles include Toyota Parado, Land crusier, Vigo Champ and Corrola. These vehicles comes with 4mm ballistic steel on doors and front cabin armored, armour floor, Firewall protection for engine compartment etc.

Streit Group Spartan APC

Streit Group Spartan APC displayed at IDEAS’14.

Spartan 4×4 multi-functional LAV (Light Armored Vehicle)  designed to provide  Military,Police, and Tactical missions in most difficult terrains. The vehicle is based on the FORD F550 with fully re-designed and chassis. It can carry 7 – 12 personnel in armour protection and can withstand IED / ballistic attack. The vehicle can also be equipped with 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun or 40mm automatic grenade launcher on turret. The glass turret provides 360° view for the gunner’s position. Two small armoured windows with firing port on each side can also be employed to engage enemy.


Range Rover Evoque


Range Rover Evoque

IDEAS 2014 report: Part-1 – Armoured and Artillery Systems

Designation:                  SH1
Manufactured by:       NORINCO China North Industries Corp.
Country:                         China
Type:                                Armoured / Artillery system
Name:                             Self-propelled howitzer


SH1 155mm self-propelled howitzer

SH1 155mm self-propelled howitzer, developed by China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO) was shelved in model form at IDEAS’14. The 22 tonnes artillery system has a maximum road speed of 90km and firing range of 53 km. The SH1 is fitted with a computerized fire control system, navigation, positioning, targeting, and communications systems. It receives target information from artillery command vehicle and is complemented by meteorological radar system and 6×6 wheeled reconnaissance vehicles. For local defense against close air/ground targets, a secondary 12.7-mm machine gun is also mounted on top of the roof. SH-1 is believed to be in service with Pakistan Army and Myanmar Army.

Designation:                NORA-B52 K1
Manufactured by:       Serbian Defence Company YugoImport
Country:                       Serbia
Type:                             Armoured / Artillery system
Name:                           Self-propelled howitzer

Nora B-52K1 155mm 52 caliber self-propelled howitzer

Nora B-52K1 155mm 52 caliber self-propelled howitzer

Nora B-52K1 155mm 52 caliber self-propelled howitzer is an upgraded version of NORA-B52 KE artillery system. The system is based on 8×8 Serbian made high mobility truck with armour cabin and crew compartment and is modernised with reinforced cabin for ballistic protection. As compared to its predecessor (NORA-B52 KE system), B-52K1 comes with improved fully automatic turret (52mm artillery system), improved radar, target acquisition and communication system. In secondary role/self-protection a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm can be mounted at the top of the crew cabin. NORA B-52K1 comes with smoke grenade launcher and automated fire-suspension system with maximum range of 41.2 km

Designation:                   T5-52
Manufactured by:         Denel Land Systems
Country:                           South Africa
Type:                                 Armoured / Artillery system
Name:                               Self-propelled howitzer

Denel Land Systems T5-52 truck mounted gun-howitzer

Denel Land Systems T5-52 truck mounted gun-howitzer

First revealed in 2002, Denel Land Systems T5-52 truck mounted gun-howitzer is capable of firing 3 rounds/minute. The artillery system has range of 41km with base bleed projectile and 55km with Velocity-enhanced Long-range Artillery Projectile (V-LAP). The system is compatible with standard NATO 155-mm ammunition. Projectiles are fed automatically onto the rammer tray from the magazine. Charge loading is semi-automatic. T5-52 can simultaneously fire up to six rounds. It is operated by 4-member crew while the loading and preparation of ammunition requires 4 additional crew members.

Designation:                  SH5
Manufactured by:        NORINCO China North Industries Corp.
Country:                          China
Type:                                 Armoured / Artillery system
Name:                               Self-propelled howitzer

SH-5 105mm self-propelled Artillery System

SH-5 105mm self-propelled Artillery System

SH-5 105mm self-propelled Artillery System is developed by NORINCO and is mounted on 6×6 truck. The truck has top speed of 100km/h and can reach over 800km. SH5 is armed with 105mm/37-calibre gun and with total capacity of carrying 40 rounds in ammunition containers. SH-5 comes with computerized fire-control system, communications system GPS navigation & targeting systems.

Designation:                  CS/SM2
Manufactured by:        NORINCO China North Industries Corp.
Country:                          China
Type:                                 Armoured / Artillery system
Name:                                self-propelled mortar (8×8 wheeled)

CS/SM2 120mm 8x8 wheeled self-propelled mortar

CS/SM2 120mm 8×8 wheeled self-propelled mortar

CS/SM2 120mm 8×8 wheeled self-propelled mortar developed by NORINCO. CS/SM2 provides quick reaction force to the battlegroup/command post/ground forces and is mainly used to support and compliment main battle tanks. In ordnance, CS/SM2 has 120mm gun-mortar, capable of firing 6-8 High Explosive rounds/min while employing its 360° moveable turret. The system only needs 4-persons crew and has cruising range of 600km. CS/SM2 mortar system can neutralise a target up to 9,500m with HE projectile and up to 8,500m with HE bomb.

Type:                               Armoured Vehicles
Designation:                  CS/SM1
Manufactured by:         NORINCO China North Industries Corp.
Country:                          China
Type:                                Armoured Vehicles
Name:                              self-propelled mortar (4×4 wheeled)

CS/SM1 is a 81mm self-propelled  rapid mortar system

CS/SM1 is a 81mm self-propelled rapid mortar system

CS/SM1 is a 81mm self-propelled  rapid mortar system developed for quick and rapid response operations. The system is mounted on 4×4 high mobility vehicle which complements the mortar system, which has high firing rate of 4 rounds / min. The vehicle has a cruising speed of 100 Km/hr and range of 6200 km/h. CS/SM1 is a lethal system for smaller battlefield primarily made to neutralise infantry troops, bunkers and enemy’s forward locations.

Designation:                        VN1A
Manufactured by:               NORINCO China North Industries Corp.
Country:                                China
Type:                                      Armoured Vehicles
Name:                                    Wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier (8×8 wheeled)

VN1A infantry personnel carrier vehicle

VN1A infantry personnel carrier vehicle

VN1A (export name for ZBL-09 APC) is an infantry personnel carrier vehicle designed to transport infantry personnel to the battlefield. VN1, publically revealed in 2009, comes with 7.62-mm machine gun or 30mm cannon. It can also be fitted with NORINCO Red Arrow HJ-73D anti-tank guided weapon.  The vehicle has high armour steel protection  providing  effective protection  to vehicle and sitting infantry troops in general.  VN1 has maximum road speed of 100km/h and  maximum road range of up to 800km.

Designation:                        WMA301
Manufactured by:               NORINCO China North Industries Corp.
Country:                                China
Type:                                      Armoured Vehicles
Name:                                    Wheeled Tank destroying Vehicle (6×6 wheeled)

WMA301/PTL-02 Assaulter 105mm tank destroyer

WMA301/PTL-02 Assaulter 105mm tank destroyer

WMA301/PTL-02 Assaulter 105mm tank destroyer is a 6×6 wheeled vehicle designed to engage armoured vehicles, bunkers and other stationary or moving targets. The vehicle carries 60 rounds and targets while employing light spot fire control system with IR night vision and laser rangefinder input. In secondary / self protection role a 12.7mm/50-calibre anti-aircraft machinegun is mounted on the top.

Designation:                        VN-12
Manufactured by:               NORINCO China North Industries Corp.
Country:                                China
Type:                                      Armoured Vehicles
Name:                                    Tracked armoured infantry fighting vehicle

tracked armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)

tracked armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)

NORINCO VN12 tracked armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) comes with strong armour protection, greater mobility and immense fire power. VN12  comes with one 30mm automatic cannon, one 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and two launchers for the Red Arrow 73D ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile), one on each side of the turret. Six smoke grenade dischargers are mounted at the front of each side of turret. N12 IFV features excellent mobility and amphibious characteristics allowing it to perform in all types of terrains. N12 also has fire extinguishing/explosion suppression system, modern day navigation, positioning, electronic and laser warning sensors which enhance its battlefield survivability.

Designation:                        SR-5
Manufactured by:               NORINCO China North Industries Corp.
Country:                                China
Type:                                      Multiple launch rocket system
Name:                                    Truck mounted Multiple Rocket Launcher multiple System (MLRS)

Truck mounted Multiple Rocket Launcher multiple System (MLRS)

Truck mounted Multiple Rocket Launcher multiple System (MLRS)

NORINCO SR5 Truck-mounted Universal Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) employs two rocket pods on rear section. The SR5 can employ  220-mm and 122-mm rockets with different war heads (HE-FRAG, incendiary, smoke etc.). GPS guided rockets can also be employed for precision targeting. A standard 220-mm pod contains 6 rockets and has a range of up to 70 km. Whereas a 122-mm pod contains 20 rockets with range of up to 50 km. SR5 artillery system is a versatile combat ready system, which can employ 220-mm rocket pod and 122-mm rocket pods at same time.

Rocket pods reloading is done with the help of support crew available in nearby truck in combat zone. Each truck can carry 4 pods. Usually the unloading is carried out in place far from original firing position to avoid enemy fire.

Zarrar Squadron Mirages

Mirages No.27 Zarrars Squadron 1

No.27 Sqn “Zarrar” is the youngest combat squadron of PAF made operational on April 19, 2007.

The squadron is equipped with Mirage-VEF and Mirage-IIIDP/Mirage-VDD (Dual seat) ROSE-III aircraft, capable to perform day-night offensive and counter offensive operations. The aircraft are equipped with Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) sensors,  Navigation and Attack System (NAS) and Night Vision Goggles capability.

No.27 Sqn has performed in two edition of Exercise Shaheen (Shaheen-I (2011) and Shaheen-III (2014)) with Chinese Air Force and in Exercise Al-Saqoor-II (2011) with Royal Saudi Air Force.

No.27 Sqn Aircraft inventory:

No.27 Sqn aircraft inventory includes mostly Mirage-VEF aircraft procured by PAF in 1996, which later undergone ROSE-III upgrade with the help of Sagem in early 2000s.

Mirage-VEF 96-728 734 745 746 747 748 749 750 752 757  (and few more air frames)
Mirage-VDD 04-001 004
Mirage-IIIDP 70-304

Mirages No.27 Zarrars Squadron 16 Mirages No.27 Zarrars Squadron 5 Mirages No.27 Zarrars Squadron 11 Mirages No.27 Zarrars Squadron 7
Photos of No.27 Sqn Mirages undergoing routine training flights.

Mirages No.27 Zarrars Squadron  6