JF-17 Thunder…From dream to reality

JF-17 Thunder…From dream to reality – YouTube

Posted above is a pictorial slideshow of project JF-17 Thunder from its inception to the current day. The dream which was placed on paper more than two decades ago under the name of project Super Sabre-II transformed to JF-17 Thunder in 2003. Since the first flight of its prototype in 2003, JF-17/FC-1 has surpassed 10,000 hrs marks recently this November. Over the years Thunder has transformed into a lethal fighting machine and a true Multirole fighter, with various types of state-of-the-art air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons integrated/undergoing integration with it.

JF-17 is capable of performing anti-radar, anti-ship, electronic warfare and precision targeting missions too. Having a lethal anti-jamming and electronic warfare suite, it has the capability to take on any mission anywhere.

As of today, some 40 JF-17s have been delivered to PAF in two operational squadrons and a third one to be re-equipped in the start of 2012. Pakistan’s plans of replacing aging A-5 III has been accomplished in April 2011, entire replacement of Mirage-III/V and F-7P aircraft will be completed by 2015.

After integration of ZDK-03 and Saab-2000 AEW&C aircraft with JF-17, it will be able to perform all weather missions in varied conditions.

It won’t be wrong to conclude that this is what the PAF had dreamed of more than two decades ago – a lethal state-of-the-art Multirole fighter at an affordable cost.

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