Zarrar Squadron Mirages

Mirages No.27 Zarrars Squadron 1

No.27 Sqn “Zarrar” is the youngest combat squadron of PAF made operational on April 19, 2007.

The squadron is equipped with Mirage-VEF and Mirage-IIIDP/Mirage-VDD (Dual seat) ROSE-III aircraft, capable to perform day-night offensive and counter offensive operations. The aircraft are equipped with Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) sensors,  Navigation and Attack System (NAS) and Night Vision Goggles capability.

No.27 Sqn has performed in two edition of Exercise Shaheen (Shaheen-I (2011) and Shaheen-III (2014)) with Chinese Air Force and in Exercise Al-Saqoor-II (2011) with Royal Saudi Air Force.

No.27 Sqn Aircraft inventory:

No.27 Sqn aircraft inventory includes mostly Mirage-VEF aircraft procured by PAF in 1996, which later undergone ROSE-III upgrade with the help of Sagem in early 2000s.

Mirage-VEF 96-728 734 745 746 747 748 749 750 752 757  (and few more air frames)
Mirage-VDD 04-001 004
Mirage-IIIDP 70-304

Mirages No.27 Zarrars Squadron 16 Mirages No.27 Zarrars Squadron 5 Mirages No.27 Zarrars Squadron 11 Mirages No.27 Zarrars Squadron 7
Photos of No.27 Sqn Mirages undergoing routine training flights.

Mirages No.27 Zarrars Squadron  6


Exercise Shaheen-I 2011

Exercise Shaheen-I (meaning “Falcon” in English) was the first version of this joint Pak-China air force exercise held in March 2011 at Rafiqui Air Base, Shorkot Pakistan.

PLAAF contingent comprising SU-27UBK Multirole fighters from 8th flight Academy (also known as “Agressors” ) participated in the exercise. The Exercise covered various air-to-air and air-to-ground combat scenarios. PAF’s Mirage-VEF, F-7PG and JF-17 also participated in Dis-similar Air Combat Training (DACT) missions with PLAAF Sukhois. exercise_shaheen-1_pakistan_air_force_china_plaaf_paf_pilots_01




More Exercise Pictures Here.

IL-78 Strategic Tanker and Transport aircraft in photo

Recently PAF has taken the delivery of fourth and last Il-78 Multi-Role Tanker and Transport(MRTT) aircraft. These aircraft are capable of refueling two aircraft at a time, and can carry up to 85,720 kg(188,977 lb) of fuel.  The details of its role in PAF was discussed in the previous article, this post will focus on its photos only.

Following pictures were taken during Exercise High Mark 2010. In this exercise air-refueling flight trails of IL-78 and Mirage-III aircraft were successfully conducted.