IDEAS 2014: report-2 Light Armoured & Personnel vehicles

During 8th edition of IDEAS International Defence Exhibition variety of Light Armoured & Personnel vehicles were displayed.  The vehicles were displayed by PAK Armouring, Land Rover/Sigma Motors and Streit group.

PAK armouring displayed Uqaab Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV), Toyota Prado & Land Cruiser SUVs with  improved protection against IED and 7.62x51mm assault rifle rounds (traditional B6 protection level).

PAK armouring Land cruiser comes with 6MM Ballistic Steel fitted in an inside doors as excess to original door panels. All original windows  are replaced with ballistic glass/polycarbonate 40MM matrix.  Vehicles original dashboard is replaced with armored panels whereas floor is replaced with  Flexible ballistic Kevlar offering protection to entire floor of the vehicle. The vehicle can absorb bomb and IED’s fragmentation.

PAK Armouring Uqaab LAV is designed to provide protection against high power rifles such as 762 x 39, 5.56 x 45, 7.62×51, M193 etc. Uqaab can support a wide range of military, police/counter-terrorism operations can perform in most difficult terrains. The vehicle provides its user protection against IED,anti-personnel mines and grenade blasts as well. The vehicle comes with roof turret, which can by utilised by employing 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun.


Sigma motors Land rovers for army and grounds units

Various variants of Land Rover Defender 90 personnel carrier vehicles were showcased at IDEAS. The Defender 90 provides outstanding mobility and  all-terrain performance. The vehicles were displayed in hard-top, soft-top and pick-up variants and were marketed for law-enforcement / ground forces role.


Streit Group showcased various vehicles for counter-terrorism/army/law-enforcement role and armour vehicles for VIP personnel. The vehicles include Toyota Parado, Land crusier, Vigo Champ and Corrola. These vehicles comes with 4mm ballistic steel on doors and front cabin armored, armour floor, Firewall protection for engine compartment etc.

Streit Group Spartan APC

Streit Group Spartan APC displayed at IDEAS’14.

Spartan 4×4 multi-functional LAV (Light Armored Vehicle)  designed to provide  Military,Police, and Tactical missions in most difficult terrains. The vehicle is based on the FORD F550 with fully re-designed and chassis. It can carry 7 – 12 personnel in armour protection and can withstand IED / ballistic attack. The vehicle can also be equipped with 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun or 40mm automatic grenade launcher on turret. The glass turret provides 360° view for the gunner’s position. Two small armoured windows with firing port on each side can also be employed to engage enemy.


Range Rover Evoque


Range Rover Evoque