Nanchang A-5 Fantan (12 Feb 1983-11 April 2011)


A-5 III Wallpaper:
A wallpaper showing emblems of A-5 squadrons, along with its service in these units. No.16 Sqn (then based at Rafiqui) was the

first recipient of A-5 in 1983. After 28 years, then unit was the last one to relinquish its A-5s in April 2011.

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Black Spiders Modernization:
A formation of  Thunders escorting A-5C marking the end of A-5's service in No.26 Squadron.

Panthers in dusk:
A No.16 Sqn 'Panthers'  A-5  formation during an evening patrol.

Solo Spider:
A solo A-5 from No.26 Squadron 'Black Spiders'.

Black Spiders in desert:
A formation of three A-5s from No.26 Squadron flying over Desert in Southern Punjab.

Panthers on patrol:
A-5 formation during a routine training mission
. A-5 is serving PAF since Jan,1983 as an indispensable ground support aircraft.

Black Spiders over Karakorm:
An A-5 pilot and wingman flying over snow clad mountains of Karakorm Range.

The new Black Spiders:
The picture showing new shape of No.26 Sqn
. In Feb 2010 the squadron inducted JF-17 Thunder making the

No.26 Squadron as the first recipient of the type.


No.16 Sqn A-5s on training mission:
No.16 Sqn 'Panthers' A-5 formation during routine training mission. A part from flying large number of A-5,

the unit also flew 12 FT-6 for fighter conversion onto A-5.

Black Spiders A-5s:
Echelon left formation of three A-5s from No.26 Squadron 'Black Spiders'.


A-5 Firing Sidewinder:
A-5 firing sidewinder missile during armament exercise


A-5 on dusk mission:
A ground support A-5 aircraft during a  dusk sortie.

A-5 Firing Rockets:
A beautiful picture of A-5 unleashing its fire power.

A-5s in Box Formation:
A Box formation of A-5 aircraft.

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