Lockheed Martin F-16 A/B Block-15

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F-16 pilot portrait:
A Fighting Falcon From No.11 Sqn 'Arrows'.

The Wingman:
A F-16 formation during a training mission.

Falcons at sea:
A F-16 formation patrolling over sea.

Falcons and night:
Three F-16s during a late evening patrol. All fighter squadrons are trained for both day and night mission to guard Pakistani skies.

Thumbs Up for PAF:
A F-16 pilot gesturing Thumbs up during flight.

Griffins escorting C-130:
A  pair of No.9 Sqn F-16s flying with C-130 over southern Punjab.

F-16 going vertical:
A Fighting Falcon going vertical with full After burners.

F-16 in Rah-e-Raast:
A  F-16 dropping Mk-82 Snake Eye bombs during operation 'Rah-e-Raast' in Swat.


Arrows from Bow:
A No.11 Sqn F-16 formation on a training sortie. The dual seater F-16 is equipped with AN/ALQ-131 jammed pod.


Break !!!:
A  beautiful capture of F-16 wingman breaking to his left.


Falcon & Thunder:
A beautiful capture of JF-17 Thunder and F-16 Fighting Falcon at Kamra.

Arrows and the clouds:
A No.11 Squadron  F-16 formation on a training mission.

No.14 Sqn pilot Showing Patch in flight:
A 14Sqn pilot shows the squadron's Patch during a routine mission.No.14 Sqn 'Tail Choppers'  was responsible for several kills against Soviet/Afghan Air force in the Afghan War(1979-1988).

F-16s during night mission:
F-16 Fighting Falcon on patrol during a night mission in early 90s.

Fighting Falcon ripping for dusk mission:
A F-16A taxing for a dusk sortie.


Falcon breaks left:
A F-16 Fighting Falcon breaks left during routine CAP mission.


Tail Choppers F-16s in Four Ship formation:
A Four Ship formation from No.14 Sqn 'Tail Choppers'  in the mid 80s. F-16s remained in the squadron till 29,Sep 1993.

No.11 Sqn F-16s on Patrol:
No.11 Sqn 'Arrows'  F-16 pilot and wingman in formation.


Griffins on top of the world:
The No.9 Sqn F-16s during routine training mission.

Griffins on the Karakorm Ride:
A F-16B from No.9 Sqn 'Griffins' flying over Karakorm Range.

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