Lockheed Martin F-16 C/D Block-52



Falcons ready to strike:
A F-16 formation equipped with AIM-120 AMRAAM and percision guided munitions; GBU-10 Laser Guided Bomb and GBU-31 JDAM.

The aircraft are also mounted with pack of Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFTs) which provide longer 'on-station time' and enhance range of aircraft.



Db-110 - the eye of Falcons:
A F-16 Block52 equipped with DB-110 reconnaissance and long range photography pod.
DB-110 is the most advanced electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) reconnaissance pod available for the F-16. It provides long-range, high-resolution, stand off imaging capability to support both day and night tactical operations. Images can be transmitted from aircraft to analysts on the ground in real time.



Falcons with ELINT support:
A F-16 formation flying along side of Da-20 Electronic singals INTelligence (ELINT) aircraft from No.24 Sqn. Da-20 Falcon aircraft are fitted with Electronic Warfare equipment for ELINT/Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) role. ELINT aircraft support in battlefield gives Air Force command over the adversary by literally blinding the enemy with radar jamming, communications jamming and radar spoofing.



Falcons evening flight:
Falcons formation during evening patrol.


FOX 2 FOX 2 !!! :
A F-16 firing AIM-9M sidewinder missile at a designated target.

The brevity code 'FOX 2' indicates launch of an Infra-red(IR) guided missile.


Slammer Falcons:
A F-16 formation equipped with AIM-120 Advance Medium Range Air to Air Missile (AMRAAM),

commonly known as 'Slammer' among its operators.


Night Falcon:
A F-16 Block52 perpares for a night sortie with a full moon in the sky. Night flying is a part of routine operational preparedness

of any squadron and each pilot has to master his/her skills in night operations as well.


Falcons kissing the skies:
A three ship F-16 formation equipped with AIM-9M sidewinder, Sniper pod and AMD pod.


Falcons in the air:
A three ship F-16 formation equipped with AIM-9M sidewinder, Sniper pod and AIM-120-C5 AMRAAM.


Falcon's touchdown:
An F-16 formation prepare for landing with three external fuel stations.


Falcons on the skies:
A four ship F-16 formation reaching to the skies. These advanced Falcons have the world's state-of-the-art technology in its arsenal, which include Long Range Recce pods, Day/Night percision targeting pods, Electronic warfare pods, general purpose,percision guided and smart bombs. They are also equipped with beyong visual range and within visual range air-to-air missiles.


The Falcons:
A No.5 Sqn 'Falcons' is the second oldest squadron of PAF. It was formed on 15th August 1947, with 8 Hawker Tempest-II piston engine aircraft. Squadron was re-equipped with Fury FB-60 aircraft in early 1950s and F-86 Sabre in 1956. It was also the first receipent Mirage-IIIEP aircraft, which was inducted in 1967. Falcons had participated in Kashmir war(1947) and Indo-Pak wars of 1965 and 1971. In June 2010, No.5 Sqn took the delivery of F-16 Block52 aircraft ending its more than 43 years old association with Mirage aircraft.


Falcons with CFTs  :
A two ship F-16 formation equipped with AIM-9M sidewinder, Sniper pod and Conformal Fuel Tanks.


Slammer operators!:
A two ship F-16 formation loaded with AIM-120C AMRAAM. AIM-120C has an effective range of 30miles.

I am Pakistan's Falcon :
A two ship F-16 formation with following weapon configuration.


 No.1 and 9 pylon - Aim-120C AMRAAM.


 No.2 and 8 pylon - Aim-9L sidewinder


 No.3 and 7 pylon - GBU-31(V)3/B (2000lbs bomb with BLU109 steel penetrator warhead)


 No.4 and 6 pylon - GBU-10 Paveway-II (2000lbs)


 Sniper ATP on starboard engine inlet pylon (5-R pylon)


 CFTs are mounted on the aircraft fuselage


 Pilots are wearing JHMCS.

Deadly Head on:
Head on view of  F-16C flying over snow capped mountains of Karakorum Range. Aircraft is loaded with fuselage mounted CFTs,

two 370 gallon fuel tanks, four  Acceleration Monitoring Device (AMD) and Sniper pod mounted on  starboard engine inlet pylon.

The pilot is wearing Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS).

Falcons for strike  :
A two ship F-16 formation loaded with GBU-31 JDAM for a strike mission.

F-16 Block52 Wallpaper:
Download Large Sixe(1800 X 1350)

Falcon on top of the world:
A F-16C flying at 30,000 ft over Northern Punjab.

Falcon in night:
A F-16D equipped with Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFT) and Sniper Advanced Targeting pod (ATP).

Armed & ready:
No.5 MR Sqn's deadly looking F-16 carrying 2000lbs Mk-84 bombs and Sniper ATP mounted on  starboard engine inlet pylon.

Sniper ATP provides all weather, day and night advance precision targeting and imaging facility to the operator.

F-16 Block52 starts training:
F-16C during a training sortie. The aircraft is assigned to No.5 MR Sqn based at Jacobabad.

Falcons in snow :
F-16 formation battling over cold winds of Karakorum Range.

Falcon and Sun:
A F-16D during an evening sortie.

Rising with dawn:
A F-16 formation during early morning patrol.


Breaking the Silence:
F-16D Block52 breaking the silence of night with sound of the after burners.



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