Chengdu F-7P/PG

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Tiger at Night:
A No.17 Sqn 'Tigers' F-7PG flying over horizon at night. The unit is flying this type since Jan 19, 2002.

Sharp Shooters in flight:
The No.18 Sqn ' Sharp Shooters' Dual Seater F-7s on a routine sortie over Kohat. The unit is an OCU based at Mianwali.

F-7PG firing Sidewinder:
A No.17 Sqn F-7PG firing Aim-9 Sidewinder missile at the target. The unit is tasked with  Air Superiority role.


Tail Chopper's F-7 over Attock:
The No.14 Sqn 'Tail Choppers' F-7 flying over Attock during routine training mission. This Squadron is based at Minhas, Kamra.


F-7PG Dropping flares:
A No.23 Sqn 'Talons' F-7PG dropping flares. This Squadron is based at Samungli, Quetta.

No.2 Sqn F-7s in the early morning:
No.2 Sqn 'Bandits' F-7s on a routine training mission in early morning. This squadron is based at Masroor Airbase, Karachi.

F-7PGs returning home:
F-7PGs returning home after completing a successful mission.

F-7P and Sunset:
A F-7P aircraft on a solo dusk mission.

F-7PG pilot and Wingman:
A F-7PG pilot's self shot with his wingman during routine mission.

F-7PG diving:
A F-7PG diving towards city during  air combat  training mission.

The tail Chopper & Minhas:
A formation of No.14 Sqn 'Tail Choppers'  and No.2 Sqn 'Minhas'  F-7P in formation.

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