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Skybolts from Minhas :
No.2 Sqn 'Minhas' F-7 formation during a training sortie.

Minhas squadron has been operating both single and dual seat F-7 aircraft since more than 20 years and shall relinquish its F-7s in 2015.



Dashings in flight:
Combat Commanders School (CCS) F-7s commonly known as "Dashings" during a air-combat-training flight.

CCS polish pilot skills in the air-to-air and air-to-ground arena by employing advanced flying concepts and tactics.

Recent induction of JF-17 aircraft in CCS is a step to replace F-7 aircraft in coming future.


Streak of tigers:
A No.17 Sqn 'Tigers' F-7PG formation in a close formation. No.17 Sqn is tasked with Air Superiority role; particularly in South Western

part of Pakistan. Tigers sqn has over 57 years of glorious service in PAF, over the years the unit has participated in two wars

and various national / multi-national exercises.


Sky bolts and sun:
A F-7P formation during evening sortie. F-7P is in service since 1988, and is planned to be retired in next few years.

Over the years F-7s have been instrumental in fighter training & conversion of young pilots from sub-sonic airspeed aircraft to super-sonic speed aircraft.


Cheetahs attack:
A No.20 Sqn 'Cheetahs' F-7PG aircraft during low-level attack. This air superiority squadron is tasked with day/night air superiority and day ground attack /Close-Air-Support (CAS) to ground forces. No.20 Sqn has been a vital fighting element of PAF since more than past 55 years. Over the years this unit has performed in Tactial Reconnaissance, Tactial day/night attack and air-superiority roles.


Cheetahs clan:
A No.20 Sqn F-7PG double-delta wing aircraft formation. The light-gray colour scheme on F-7PG denotes that this aircraft has undergone General-Over-Haul(GOH) at PAC Kamra. This overhaul also include avionics upgrade and the capability to use gluide guided munitions and BVR weapons.

Sharp shooters in action:
A No.18 Sqn 'Sharp shooters' F-7P aircraft in straffing run. Strafing targets is like entering a 'tunnel' and looking at the other end while focusing on the targets, enemy air-defence and altitude / limitations of the aircraft.

A F-7P formation splitting their flight paths. As of today, F-7s are serving in No.2, 14, 18 and 19 Squadron, by 2015 they will be replaced bylight weight Multirole JF-17 Thunder.


Shaheens on patrol:
A No.14 Sqn 'Shaheens' F-7P aircraft during routine patrol. This air superiority squadron is tasked with protecting the Northern sector of Pakistan. It also visits Skardu and Chaklala AB during routine exercise and deployments.

Cheetahs at horizon:
A No.20 Sqn 'Cheetahs' F-7PG formation during evening patrol over horizon. In 2003, Shorkot based No.20 sqn became third

 PAF squadron to be equipped with F-7PG aircraft after No.17 and 23 Sqn.

Minhas F-7s:
A three ship F-7 formation from Masroor based No.2 Sqn 'Minhas'.

Sherdils F-7:
A F-7P from No.19 OCU  flying over mountains valley during a training flight. The unit is flying F-7P aircraft since July 1990.

 The unit received FT-7P aircraft in 1991 under the Handshake-III programme.

F-7s in echelon left :
A three ship echelon left formation F-7 during an evening sortie.

CCS F-7 dropping flares:
A formation of  F-7s from Combat Commanders School dropping flares during a training flight.

Tail Choppers in flight:
Four  F-7s from No.14 Sqn 'Tail Choppers' in echelon right formation. The unit is tasked with  Air Superiority role.

Sky bolts over Balochistan :
A formation of  F-7P and F-7PG aircraft flying over Balochistan. F-7PG has 14,650lbs thrust as compare to 13,450lbs thrust of F-7P with new glass cockpit and modified avionics. Fuel storage, weapons payload capacity & internal guns is same as F-7P but because of aircraft’ s leading edge flap and double delta wing design F-7PG is more maneuverable as compare to F-7P.

Cheetahs F-7:
A No.20 Sqn F-7PG during a solo flight. All aircraft wear unit's name 'Cheetahs'  along the top of the tail.

F-7s in formation:
A formation of  F-7s from No.18 Sqn and No.2 Sqn. No.18 Sqn trains fresh fighter pilots on supersonic aircraft where as No.2 Air Superiority Squadron defends southern region of Pakistan.

Talons in 3 Ship:
A No.23 Sqn 'Talons' F-7PG flying in three ship formation over Kohat. The unit converted to F-7PG in March 2002, ending the 36 years of relationship with F-6 aircraft. The unit was first and the last squadron as well to fly F-6 aircraft.

The five Ship F-7PGs formation:
A five ship formation of five F-7PGs over Peshawar. No.17, 20 and 23 Squadron are flying F-7PG aircraft.

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