Cheng Du FC-20


J-10 in action:
A PLAAF J-10 firing cannons at a target.

J-10 kissing the skies:
A dual seat J-10 formation going vertical in style.

J-10B for Pakistan:
A J-10B in PAF marking.

The Sea dragon:
A J-10 formation during an evening sortie over sea.

FC-20 over sea:
A dual seat FC-20 flying over Arabian Sea.

Vanguards at dusk sortie:
An FC-20 formation during an evening patrol.

FC-20 kissing Pak Skies:
FC-20 flying in the Pakistani Skies

FC-20s flight line :
Four FC-20s parked in the flight line .

FC-20s Kissing Horizons:
A FC-20 (J-10) combat ready formation flying over Horizon. Pakistan Air Force will induct both Single and Dual seater FC-20s in its fleet.

Sun and the Sentinels:
A JF-17 Thunder flying in formation with J-10s. By 2015 PAF is looking to have eight squadrons operating JF-17,

two FC-20s and at least three operating F-16s.


FC-20 The New Guardian of the Skies:
Pakistan Air Force is initially acquiring two squadrons of FC-20's will significantly bolster PAF' s air defence capability.


FC-20s on a routine training mission:
FC-20s can be the assigned Air Defence and Ground Support aircraft roles.


No.25 Sqn FC-20s on patrol:
No.25 Squadron FC-20s on a routine training mission.

FC-20 Vs SU-30:
An illustration showing PAF FC-20 shooting down its Arch rival.


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