JF-17 Thunder

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Spider unleashing its power:
A No.26 Sqn 'Black Spiders'
 JF-17  drops out two 500lbs Mk-82 bomb at a target. The aircraft was being tested in both Air to Air and Air to  ground missions during High Mark 2010 exercise. The exercise was conducted in third week of March, 2010.

The deadly Black Spider:
A No.26 Sqn 'Black Spiders'
 JF-17 releasing a thick stream of flares.

JF-17 Thunder - A Symbol of Friendship:
 beautifully coloured JF-17 marking Pak-Sino Friendship.

Thunder at dusk:
JF-17 during an evening CAP mission.

Arrows & Spider:
A cruising formation of  No.11 F-16 and No.26 Sqn JF-17.

Thunder's HUD:
One of the rare shots of Thunder's Heads Up Display (HUD).

Thunders rising with dawn:
A formation of JF-17s flying at early morning.

Thunders over Kamra:
A formation of JF-17 Thunder flying over their Kamra, Distt Attock.

Thunders on patrol:
A Thunder formation on a Combat Air Patrol (CAP) mission.

Pakistan's Pride:
Full view of the first JF-17 delivered to PAF in March,2007.

Thunder towards further horizons:
A Thunder during a routine training mission.

The Prototypes in evaluation:
Prototype-01 and 04 during test and evaluation mission.

Thunder & Sun:
A professional shot of JF-17 Thunder at Dusk.

Thunder on the way to night sortie:
A JF-17 lining up for a night sortie. The first Thunder squadron became operational in Feb 2010.

Thunders going vertical:
Two JF-17s  going vertical. According to Air Force Magazine JF-17 Thunder has the potential to become a point-defence fighter.

Thundering takeoff:
A JF-17 Thunder taking off for a training mission.

Thunders at Dusk:
A beautiful shot of three Thunders at parked at tarmac.

Thunder in action:
A JF-17 Thunder firing cannons. These days Thunder's are going through test and evaluation stage.

Thunder with Afterburners:
A beautiful shot of JF-17 Thunder flying with Glowing Afterburners.

Thunders Escorting the VIP jet:
Two Thunders escorting the Gulf Stream-IV of Pakistan Air Force.

The Thunder's flight line:
Three JF-17s  in the flight line.

Devastating Thunder:
A Desktop Wallpaper of JF-17 Thunder dropping flares.

The JF-17 Thunder:
A Desktop Wallpaper of JF-17 Thunder.

JF-17 Vs LCA:
A JF-17 Thunder shooting down Indian built LCA. JF-17 was  inducted in PAF in Mar,2007 where as LCA has nearly

no chance of its arrival in IAF in next 7 years.

The Aggressor JF-17:
Two Thunders on the runway. The two countries have done great progress in the project and hundreds of Chinese engineers are working in Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC), Kamra on the Thunder Project.

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