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Block-II Thunders:
Artistic impression of JF-17 Block-II with in-flight refueling probe. The aircraft is equipped with GBU-12 LGBs and WMD-7 Pod on centerline station

and is wearing CCS marking. PAF has recently inducted Thunders in CCS squadron on Jan 26, 2015. Read More >>



Thunder firing GB-6 Stand Off Weapon:
Artistic impression of the JF-17 Block-II formation employing 500kg GB-6 SOW. GB-6 is a 500kg bomb guided with GPS/INS system.

It can be used for large-scale ground targets such as vital enemy installations. GB-6 was showcased in the weapons package of

JF-17 at Zhuhai Airshow, China held in November 2014.



Rattling Thunders:
A JF-17 formation ascending up after a boming run, leaving ball of smoke behind.

PAF has employed Thunders in Exercise High Mark 2010 in Air-to-Ground role, whereas as dogfighter in Exercise Shaheen-I & II (2011 & 2013)

and Saffron Bandit (2013).



Karakoram Eagles & Thunders:
JF-17 formation flying with ZDK-03 AEW&C 'Karakoram Eagle' aircraft.

PAF has received 3 out of 4 of such AEW&C systems from China. These are believe to be inter-linked with Mirages and F-7s, whereas as full

integration with JF-17 fleet is underway. Integration of JF-17 fleet with this system shall increase PAF's strength to multifolds.



Thunders in PAF:
JF-17 wallpapers showing insignias of all Thunder units in PAF, namely No.16 Sqn, No.26 Sqn & T&E unit.

PAF has completed production of the first batch of 50 JF-17s; the second batch production is undergoing trials at PAC Kamra.

The next batch of JF-17s shall have improved radar and avionics, improved data-bus for BVR weapons & bombs and in-flight refueling probe.



B-R-E-A-K !!!:
A JF-17 formation from No.26 MR Sqn 'Black spiders' splits its flight path in an impressive way.

Black spiders is Multi-Role squadron flying Thunder since 2010.



Thunder from Pakistan:
Pakistan's pride JF-17 : a true multirole fighter in service with PAF since 2007. As of August 2014; 50 units have been delivered to PAF. The second batch of JF-17 is under going Research & Development (R&D) in both China and Pakistan, which will incorporate various avionics related modifications.



Blackspiders on patrol:
A JF-17 formation from No.26 MR Sqn during a combal patrol mission. The over 2 hrs on-station flight time in A-A mission configuration make JF-17 a favourable aircraft for air defence missions.




Lethal Panthers:
A JF-17 formation equipped with 900kg CM-400AKG Stand Off Missile (SOM). CM-400AKG was first unveiled at Air Show China in 2012. It is believed to have a speed in excess of Mach4+ (Up to 5.5M in terminal phase) and an impressive range of

180 -250 km. CM-400 can be used against high value fixed targets, such as command centers, bridges, air defense radar, or even ship borne radars.



Thunder firing MAR-1 ARM:
A JF-17 firing MAR-1 air-to-ground Anti-Radiation Missile (ARM). MAR-1 is a potent air launched weapon with an effective rage between 60 to 100km and can carry a 90 kilograms (200 lb) warhead. The missile went operational on the JF-17 in late 2011.



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Thunders with LGBs:
A JF-17 formation equipped with 500 lbs GBU-12 and 2000lbs GBU-10 Laser Guided Bombs (LGB). JF-17 has a maximum take-off weight 27,336 lb (12,400kg) andmaximum external stores weight of 8820lbs (4,000kg).

Read more on JF-17 Weapon load



Multi mission JF-17 Thunder:
A JF-17 Thunder equipped with both A-A and A-G weapons including LS-6 Precision Guided Glide Bomb, SD-10 MRAAM,

PL-5E SRAAM and 800 L centerline fuel tank. Such multi-mission profile gives JF-17 pilot the ability to quickly adapt to any change in mission requirements.




JF-17 Thunder with Raptor-II Joint Stand Off Weapon (SOW):
Digital art of JF-17 Thunder equipped with South African origion Raptor-II JSOW. PAF is reported to have similar JSOW in its weapons arsenal.



Naval Support:
A No.16 Sqn JF-17 equipped with C-802A Anti-Shipping missile. The 715 kg C-802A missile has a range of 180km and

it is capable of sinking any ship in its radius of action. "Live weapon" firing trials of C-802 missile were conducted with FC-1 PT-6 in late 2011.



Black Panthers formation:
A formation of No.16 Sqn JF-17s. In April 2011, No.16 MR Sqn became second squadron to be equipped with JF-17 Thunder. No.16 holds the responsibility of both Test & Evaluation and Multirole assessment of JF-17 Thunder.



The Multi Role JF-17 Thunder:

JF-17 Thunder carrying 4x SD-10A BVRs, 2x PL-5 E II SRAAMs, 2x LS-6 Glide guided bombs and centerline tank for great range. In short, a definition of Multi Role Fighter!



Black Panthers formation:
A formation of No.16 Sqn JF-17s. In April 2011, No.16 MR Sqn became second squadron to be equipped with JF-17 Thunder. No.16 holds the responsibility of both Test & Evaluation and Multirole assessment of JF-17 Thunder.



Thunders split!:

A JF-17 Thunder formation spliting their flight paths and releasing a stream of flares.




Colours of PAF:

A colourful formation of No.17 Sqn F-7PG and No.26 Sqn JF-17s. On 50 years of No.17 Sqn F-7PG was given this special tiger colour scheme. The JF-17 (07-101) wearing Pakistani and Chinese flags was the first JF-17 delivered to PAF in 2007. The all green JF-17 (09-111) is the first locally assembled JF-17 Thunder.



SAAB-2000 AEW&C and Multirole platforms:
A digital illustration of JF-17 Thunder and F-16D Block52 flying with SAAB-2000 AEW&C. Saab-2000 AEW&C is in service with PAF since 2009, a fourth example will join PAF in 2012. After integration of JF-17 and F-16s these aircraft will become a vital element of Pakistan's defence.

The fruit of friendship :
JF-17 Thunder is an example of over six decades long Pak China friendship.  Pakistan always found the helping hand through every thick and thin. JF-17 'a fruit of Pak China friendship' will going to be a mainstay multirole fighter aircraft in PAF in decades to come.


The evening thunder:
A JF-17 sitting on the runway for an evening sortie. Takeoff and landing distance of 2000ft (610m), 2700ft (610m) respectively, making JF-17

an effective aircraft to operate from  small runways and airfields.

EW configured thunder :
JF-17 configured with two 370 gallon fuel tanks and KG-300 Electronic Warfare pod at the center line pylon spits out flares. With the integration of KG-300G  pod Thunder's multirole capability will  enhance to greater limits.

Block-II Thunder:
An illustration of JF-17 Thunder Block-II. The most desired modifications in this variant include integration of Helmet Mounted System, addition of re-tractable air-to-air refueling probe, WS-13 engine, integration of modern-day air-to-air, air-to-ground and air-to-sea weapons and Infra Red Search and Track (IRST).

Thunder Rider:
A portrait of Thunder's pilot and wingman.


Thunders for strike:
A fully loaded Thunder formation on a strike mission. The leader is carrying six Mk82 bombs, WMD-7 where as the wingman is

carrying six Mk82 and two cluster bombs.

The rising thunder storm:
A deadly configured Thunder climbing to heights. The aircraft is equipped with four 500lbs Mk82 Laser guided bombs (LGB),

two PL-5E II air-to-air missiles and WMD-7 optical targeting pod at center line. Along with two 300 gallon fuel tanks at No.3 and 5 stations.

Thunders in flight:
A Thunder formation during a training sortie.  No.26 MR Sqn is responsible for keeping Thunders combat ready at all time.

Green Thunder:
A JF-17 Thunder in colours of Pakistan's national flag. The aircraft was the first to be assembled at Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC),

 Kamra and was rolled out on 23rd Nov 2009. The serials of JF-17 have gone till 32. (June2011).

Soaring Thunder:
A Thunder formation on their way to a bombing mission. The nearest one is equipped with 500lbs LGB.

Thunders in flight:
A Thunder formation during a training mission. The aircraft in the lead was the first to be delivered to PAF in March 2007.

Thunders in sunset:
A JF-17 Thunder formation during an evening sortie.


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