Dassault Mirage-III/V

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Mirage refueling prototype:
This No.7 Sqn Mirage-III was the first PAF Mirage to get aerial refueling probe. PAF has bought 30 refueling probes which will be fitted in ROSE upgraded Mirages.

Mirages near dawn:
Combat Commanders School (
CCS) Mirages flying just before the day break. Round the clock ADA duties are performed by multiple Mirage squadrons in different sectors of  Pakistan.

Mirages on bombing mission:
A Mirage-VEF formation on a strike mission. Mirage-V's air to ground armory include 500lb GP and Snakeye bomb, PSD-1 Cluster Bomb and Durandal Anti-runway bombs. Air Weapon Complex made HAFR-1 and HAFR-2 anti-runway weapons (variants of the Matra Durandal)

and Ra'ad Cruise missile makes PAF Mirages even more deadly.

Night Strike Eagles on Patrol:
A No.25 Sqn formation of Mirage-VEF on a routine sortie. The unit is a Night Tactical Attack Squadron operating ROSE Mirage-VEF with Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) and Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Systems.

Mirages over horizon:
No.25 Sqn Mirages flying over horizon. The squadron is based at Minhas, Kamra.


Mirage-IIIRP with its typical payload:
A Mid 90s capture of Mirage-III on a Combat Air Patrol (CAP) mission.

Night Strike Eagles at Dusk:
A beautiful capture of No.25 Sqn Mirage-VEF during a routine combat patrol.

Raging Mirage:
A Mirage-V firing anti-ship AM-39 Exocet anti-shipping missile. The missile was inducted in PAF in March 1982.

Cobras in the desert:
No.15 Sqn 'Cobras' Mirages patrolling desert in South of Pakistan. The unit is flying Mirage-VPA and Mirage-IIIDF since 2000.

Mirages over snow-clad mountains:
No.27 Sqn Mirages flying over snow-clad mountains. The unit is PAF' s second Night Attack Squadron operating ROSE Upgraded Mirage-VEF and Ex-Libyan Mirage-VDD aircraft.

Mirage-IIIDF on the take-off roll:
A No.22 Squadron Mirage-IIIDF on the way to take off. Today the Sqn operates ROSE upgraded Mirage-IIIEE/EL versions.

Mirage Wingman during routine mission:
No.8 Sqn 'Haiders' Mirage-V wingman during routine training mission. The unit provides maritime support to Pakistan Navy apart from deep strike role assigned to the squadron.

Mirage-III guarding Arabian Sea:
No.7 Sqn Mirage-IIIEA guarding Arabian sea. The bigger nose of these ex-RAAF Mirages allows FIAR Grifo M radar to be integrated.

Mirages Break:
No.8 Sqn Mirage-VPA3 breaking during routine CAP mission. The Squadron operates MirageVPA2/3 aircraft.

No.22 Sqn Mirages over Karachi:
No.22 Sqn 'Ghazis' Mirages flying over Karachi. The unit trains Mirage pilots who later join one of the five operational Mirage Squadrons.

Haiders Mirage defining the low level:
No.8 Sqn 'Haiders' Mirage-V low flying with full Afterburners.

Haiders and CCS Mirages:
No.8 Sqn and Combat Commanders School (CCS) Mirages in formation in mid 90s.

Self shot of Mirage-III pilot:
A No.7 Tactical Attack  Squadron Mirage-IIIEA and wingman in formation. This Squadron is based at Masroor Airbase, Karachi.

Mirages in Four ship formation:
A Four Ship formation of Mirage-V Aircraft.

No.5 Sqn Mirage taking off:
A No.5 Sqn 'Falcons' 'Mirage-V taking off for a dusk mission. This Squadron is one of the older squadrons of PAF.

No.8 Sqn Mirage-V taking off:
No.8 Sqn Mirage-VPA3 taking off. The squadron is tasked with ground and maritime strike role.

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