Dassault Mirage-III/V

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Eagles Mirages with H-2 Joint Stand Off Weapon (JSOW) :
ROSE-III upgraded Mirage-VEF formation equipped with H-2 JSOW on centerline station. These Mirages also equipped with

Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) sensors and NVG optics make it a reliable platform to perform night strike missions.



Wrath of Zarrar's :
Mirage-VEF formation from No.27 Sqn "Zarrars" employing MK-82HD bombs at designated targets. Mk-82HD fitted with a special high-drag tail fin unit (including combination of balloon and parachute); which upon release slows bomb's forward progress and allowing the delivery aircraft to safely pass over the target before the bomb explodes.


H-2 : PAF Mirage's lethal weapon:
A Mirage-IIIRP launching H-2 Joint Stand Off Weapon (JSOW). H-2 is a long range BVR-bomb capable of hitting enemy targets

from beyond 70km. H-2 bomb is a lethal TV/IR guided glide bomb produced under license by Air Weapons Complex (AWC),Pakistan

and is fitted with hardened nose and timed fuse giving it the capability to penetrate Hardened Air Shelters (HAS) before explosion.

 H-2 can strike a target upto 60 km (37.5 miles).


(This wallpaper has been published in PAF Official calendar 2014).



All Mirages in PAF :
Mirage-III/V wallpaper comprising of all aircraft from Mirage squadrons in 2010.PAF has been operating Mirage aircraft since 1967 and is

the largest user of Mirage aircraft after French air force.


Echelon-1: Mirage-vPA (5 Sqn), Mirage-VEF (27 Sqn), Mirage-IIIEL (22 Sqn).

Echelon-2 : Mirage-VPA3 (8 Sqn), Mirage-VEF (25 Sqn), Mirage-IIIEA (7 Sqn), Mirage-IIIDP (15 Sqn) and Mirage-IIIEA (CCS)



Falcon's Mirages:
A Mirage-III formation from No.5 Sqn 'Falcons'. Falcons was the first PAF sqn to be equipped with Mirage aircraft in 1967.

Over the years over 7 types of Mirage-III/V served in the unit till; the last ones being traded with F-16 Block52 aircraft in 2010.



Night strike Eagles:
A Mirage formation from No.25 TA Sqn 'Night Strike Eagles' climbing to skies above.

No.25 Sqn is based at Rafiqui AB, and is tasked to perform day/night interdiction and surface attack role.



Mirage boming run:
A Mirage-IIIEA (Ex-RAAF) wearing early 1990s paint scheme dropping a bunch of 500lbs (250kg) MK-82 bomb.

Mirage-III/V have impressive Air-to-Ground weapon load, and can carry upto 8 500lbs bombs or upto 8 Durandal anti-runway bombs.

Eagles in the air:
A formation of No.25 Sqn 'Night Strike Eagles' Mirage-VEF and Mirage-IIIDP aircraft. No.25 Sqn operates from Rafiqui Air Base, Shorkot in night strike and interdiction role. All of its single and dual seat Mirages are equipped with Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) (placed under the cockpit) , which gives its operates better situational awareness at night.


Mirages and fading sun:
A Mirage formation fly past a fading sun during an evening patrol mission.



Offensive BFM:
An Offensive Basic Fighter Manoeuvres (BFM) is a dogfight manoeuvre in which one aircraft is behind the other. The one in 'cross hair' has to aviod cannon fire and missiles by manoeuvring using special air combat tactics, keeping in mind the G-limitations and energy state limitations of his/her fighter aircraft.



Tanker and Mirages:
An IL-78 Multirole Tanker/Transport flying with a buch of Mirage-III/V aircraft. IL-78 MRTT has a hose drogue refuelling system with a capacity of carrying 85,720 kg(188,977 lb) fuel. Read More:



Zarrars formation:
A five ship formation of No.27 Sqn Mirage-VEF and Mirage-VDD aircraft flying over Indus river. Navigationa and Attack System (NAS), Forward Looking Infra-red (FLIR) sensors and Night Visions Goggles (NVG) allow No.27 Sqn Mirages to perform both day and night missions with equal percision.



Bandits at sea:
A No.7 Sqn Mirage-IIIEA formation flying over Arabin sea. No.7 Tactical Attack Sqn also conducts pre-CCS courses for Mirage-III aircraft.



Combat School's Mirage :
A Combat Commanders School's Mirage-IIIEA during a training flight. CCS received ROSE-I upgraded Mirages in 2003. The unit is tasked with advance tactical flying to sharpen the skills of pilots who are proficient in Mirage aircraft.



Mirages and sun:
A Mirage formation  flying through golden skies of a fading day. Even after 44 years of service, Mirages are still considered a reliable

 and combat ready platform in PAF.


Mirage firing sidewinder  :
A No.7 Sqn 'Bandits' Mirage firing Aim-9L sidewinder  missile. No.7 Sqn operates Ex-RAAF ROSE-I Mirage-III aircraft.

Over past few years unit has participated in various multinational exercises which include Exercise Falcon Talon(2005 and 2009),

Al-Saqoor-I(2006), Bright star(2009 ), Falcon Air meet (2010) etc.


Night Strike Eagles in flight :
A No.25 Sqn 'Night strike eagles' Mirage formation during a training mission. The unit operates ROSE-III upgraded Mirage-V aircraft.

Some dual seat examples equipped with Forward looking infra-red (FLIR) are also part of unit's  inventory.


Thirsty Mirages :
A No.27 Sqn 'Zarrars' Mirage prepares to refuel from Il-78 tanker, whereas other two aircraft from No.7 Sqn 'Bandits'  wait for their turn.


Eagles Break! :
A ROSE Upgrade Mirage-VEF  formation from Jacobabad based No.25 Sqn 'Night Strike Eagles' splitting their flight paths during a training sortie. The unit received  Mirage-VEF aircraft in Sep 1998 under the Blue Flash-VI programme, all aircraft were later upgraded to

 ROSE-III at Mirage Repair Factory (MRF), PAC Kamra.

Mirages and Sun:
A two ship formation of  No.22 OCU  Mirages during an evening patrol. PAF acquired 70 Ex-Lebanese  Mirages, only 10 were put into service the rest are turning out to be a good source of repairs.

See an Example of Roll out ceremony of  roll-out  ceremony of ex-Lebanese Mirage-III aircraft at MRF, PAC Kamra

Mirage and Tanker :
A Mirage-III aircraft flying along IL-78 Midas aircraft. Air to Air refueling is an art and requires too much training.

Mirage-III at Karakorum:
A Mirage-IIIDP from No.22 OCU flying over the mighty Karakorum Range. The unit received 6 of the type along with 11 Mirage-VEF in 2001. Three years later Mirage-VEF were sent to PAC for ROSE upgraded and unit was allotted ex-Lebanese Mirage-IIIEE/EL aircraft, which are still flying in the unit.

Ra'ad launch:
An Ex-Libyan Mirage-VDD firing Ra'ad cruise missile at the target. Ra'ad is designed to attack fixed enemy installations at stand-off range, keeping the launching aircraft away from enemy air defence systems.

Mirages and sunset:
No.5 Sqn Mirages  formation flying over Shorkot. The unit operated Mirages from 1968-June 2010 in both tactical attack and reconnaissance role, flying multiple variants of Mirage-III/V aircraft which include Mirage-III EA/DA/EP/RP and Mirage-VDR.


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