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The Deadly Griffins Vs Sukhois :
On 17th May,1986, Sqn Ldr Hameed Qadri shot down two Afghani Su-22s in single sortie(1 AIM-9L Kill,1 Gun Kill) during CAP over Parachinar, while flying F-16A (Sr no 85-723) from No.9 Sqn 'Griffins'.

The thick black portion on F-16's  20mm  gun shows the rage spitted by it during the dogfight.

Qadri opening the Kills account:
On 17th May,1986, Sqn Ldr Hameed Qadri shot down two Afghani Su-22s in single sortie(1 AIM-9L Kill,1 Gun Kill) during CAP over Parachinar, while flying F-16A (Sr no 85-723) from No.9 Sqn. The AIM-9L Sidewinder hit the Sukhoi on the right of Qadri.

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A.Razzak in action:
On 3rd March,1987, after taking off from PAF base Minhas, Kamra  in F-16A Wng Cdr Abdul Razzak shot down an An-26(Soviet/Afghan) that may have been on a 'ferret' mission to gather electronic intelligence. His AIM-9 Sidewinder connected with the enemy aircraft and it crashed on snow-clad mountains of Miranshah.


He commanded  No.9 and No.14 F-16 Sqn and became Officer Commanding CCS. In 1998 he became Air Cdre and was appointed Base Cdr Masroor, Karachi.


He late rose to AVM and embraced Shaadat in the tragic incident of Kohat crash on 20th Feb, 2003.

Tail Choppers getting started..... :
On 16th April , 1987 Flt Lt Badar-ul-Islam and Khalid Pervez Marwat were advised by the GCI that a border violation has occurred and that there are multiple targets almost directly ahead. Badar who is lead, was cruising at about 450 kt at an altitude of 11,000 ft on a heading of 240 degrees. He maintains altitude and heading and is reminded by his wingman of the need to undertake arming procedures. Badar completes the necessary drill and acknowledges that he has done so to his wingman. Moments later GCI informs him that there are four enemy aircraft at a 22-mile range.

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Tail Choppers 1st night kill:
On 4th August ,1988 Sqn Ldr Athar Bokhari No.(14 Sqn) scrambled inF-16A 85-725 from Kamra at about 1900 hours, when he reached the area the four bandits returned back, so he began ‘Caping’.

At 1950 hrs GCI reported presence of four more bogies. At 5 nm, Athar was abeam the Su-25 and closing fast. In just a few moments, DLZ criteria were met, but Athar allowed the HUD circle to flash three or four times before firing his starboard AIM-9L at a range of 2.5 nm.

Within seconds of being hit by Athar's sidewinder, the Su-25 pilot (Colonel Alexandrov of the Soviet Armed Forces) ejected. He was subsequently captured and interrogated. He is currently serving PAF as AM.

Khalid' s 1st encounter with Migs:
On 12th September,1988, Flt. Lt. Khalid Mehmood (No.14Sqn) scrambled from Kamra at 700hrs.He was flying lead in F-16A (Sr.No 85728). He shot down a Soviet Mig-23MLD over Nawagai ,while he was in an altitude of 135 degrees of bank (ie near inverted) at 33,000 ft. His AIM-9L smashed the No.4 aircraft.

He shot down two Mig-23s in that mission and a Su-22 on 3rd November, 1988. He is currently serving PAF as Air Cdre.

Shaheens over Kohat:
On 3rd November,1988, Flt. Lt. Khalid Mehmood & Sqn Ldr Ehetsham Zakariya (No.14Sqn) spotted 6 Afghani Sukhois ( 3 on ground support and 3 flying top cover ) in Tull, near Kohat. Flt Lt Khalid was flying No.2 in F-16A Sr. No 84-717.

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Khalid' s last encounter:
On 31st January ,1989, Flt. Lt. Khalid Mehmood (No.14Sqn) while flying solo night 'hot' scramble in F-16B was directed to investigate a border violation near Bannu and he duly headed towards the area at 10,000 ft under GCI direction. As Khalid moved closer under GCI control, the aircraft put its lights on and was revealed to be An-24. Under the rules of engagement then in fore, Khalid was directed to let it go, so he pulled up and began flying above it, advising GCI that it looked like the An-24 was planning to land. Ultimately the transport made an approach to the River Kuram ( a dried-up river bed) and the pilot may have been under the impression that it was paved runway. Moments after touching down, the An-24 Struck a palm tree and engulfed in a massive explosion, followed by numerous detonations as the load of ammunition it was carrying 'cooked-off' in the intense heat .

This is regarded as 'Manoeuvre' Kill.



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