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On the 20th of Feb 2003, the Pakistan Air Force's Air Chief, Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir along with the first PAF lady Begum Bilquis Mushaf Ali and the other team members of the Air Chief embraced martydom while on their way to Kohat Air Base. The Fokker F-27 aircraft crashed because of bad weather and poor visibility.

This page is a tribute to the shuhada of Kohat Air Crash who shall be rememberd for their services for the land they loved & served so proudly. 
May their souls rest in Peace. Amen

Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir                  PAF First Lady Begum Bilquis Mushaf Ali

Air Vice Marshal Abdul Razzaq                       Air Vice Marshal Saleem Akhtar Nawaz
Air Commodore Javaid Sabir                          Air Commodore Rizwan Ullah Khan
Group Captain Aftab Cheema                         Wing Commander Tabassam
Squadron Leader Ahmed Yousaf                     Squadron Leader Mumtaz Kiyani                          
Squadron Leader Abdul Rab         

Senior Technician Ghazanfar                          Technician Khan Muhammad
Technician Ashraf                                              Technician Faiyyaz
Technician Khush Qadam                                Technician Amjad Pervez

President Musharraf, Prime Minister Jamali 

and acting Air Chief Syed Qaiser Hussain

with sons of late Air Chief Mushaf at

 funeral prayer held at Chaklala Air Base.

The mortal remains of Shuada-e-Kohat being c

arried to the funeral square at

 PAF Base, Chaklala.


Mourners offering Namaz-e-Janaza of

Shaheed Air Chief Mushaf and his

wife at PAF Stadium, Lahore.


A rare photo of six Shuada of

Kohat Air Tragedy standing together

 at an official dinner

 at PAF Base, Rafiqui.

President Musharraf, ACM Mushaf

and AVM Saleem Akhtar standing with

 Base & Squadron Commanders

of fighter squadrons.

ACM Mushaf shaking hand with

Gp Capt Aftab after investing him with

badges of Gp Capt's ranks.


The pilot of the Fokker aircraft,

Shaheed Sqn Ldr Ahmad standing beside

 his favorite VVIP Boeing-737.

ACM Mushaf at an iftar party.

Mushaf's  ADC Wng Cdr Tabassum

 is standing in the background.

Memorial photo of Sqn Ldr Abdul Rab (right);

co-pilot of the ill fated Fokker aircraft.


Shaheed AVM Abdul Razzak,
DCS (Trg)  presiding a meeting of

23rd Principals' Conference.

Shaheed Air Chief Mushaf on
Eid Day, 6th Dec, 2002 at Air House.

Wng Cdr Mushaf with his Squash Team

 in 1982.During his captaincy team earned

Silver medals in inter-Base Squash Championship.

AVM (then Flg Off) Abdul Razzak during

 a leisure walk at Kalabagh along with

officers of No.15 Sqn, (August, 1975).

AVM Abdul Razzak (then Base Cdr Masroor)

 at a dinner at PAF Base Faisal (Sep, 1999).

A memorial photograph of

Begum Bilquis Mushaf Ali taken a day

before the fatal crash

Air Chief Marshal Mushaf
remained Air Chief from  
20 Nov 2000 - 20 Feb 2003.

Begum Bilquis Mushaf Ali is regarded

 as first PAF Shaheed Lady.

AVM Abdul Razzak Anjum.


AVM Saleem Akhtar Nawaz.

Air Cdre Javaid Sabir.

Air  Cdre Raja Rizwan Ullah Khan.


Gp Capt Aftab Cheema.

Wng Cdr Tabassum.

Sqn Ldr Ahmad Yousaf.


Sqn Ldr Abur rab.

Sqn Ldr Mumtaz Kiyani.

Senior Technician Ghazanfar.


Technician Faiyyaz.

Technician Khush Qadam.

Technician Ashraf.


Technician Khan Muhammad.


Technician Amjad Pervez.


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