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Inter-Squadron Armament Competition 2007 Patch:
No.9 Sqn won the Competition. Wng Cdr Tariq Zia(OC) won the Sher Afgan Trophy for best Individual score throughout the competition.

The team included W/C Tariq Zia,
S/L Ghazanfar Latif, S/L Zulfiqar Ayub,
S/L Azman Khalil and S/L Ghazi Salahuddin.

More : Sqn Ldr Zulfiqar became the first F-16 pilot in the world to have shot down an (Israeli built) Indian Air Force UAV at night in June 2002. This was also the first UAV kill by any jet fighter aircraft at night.

No.2 Sqn Patch:
Masroor based No.2 Sqn 'Minhas' operates Chinese built F-7P aircraft.


Griffins Patch (Original) :
This is the original Griffins patch that was worn for well over six decades (See an Example). After year 2000 the patch was slightly altered with addition of background colour scheme and change in design of Griffin, as can be seen below.


No.9 Sqn Patch:
The current No.9 Sqn patch worn by all the personnel of the squadron. The Sqn became the second unit to equip itself with the F-16.

Motto: How high you fly depends on how  brave you are.

SAGEM & PAC Mirage Upgrade Patch:
SAGEM was awarded the contract for upgradation of PAF Mirages. Later on PAC Kamra took over the role and has been indigenously upgrading the PAF Mirage fleet. The patch depicts the moon and stars at, signifying the night strike capability, which allows Mirages to perform night missions.

No.25 Sqn Mirage-VEF Patch:
No.25 Sqn Night Strike Eagles operates ROSE-III Upgraded French built Mirage-V aircraft. This Sqn is equipped with the latest variant of the Mirage-V in PAF service.


JF-17 Thunder Patch:
Official national patch of JF-17 Thunder. This patch is usually seen worn on the chest by both the ground crew and pilots of the JF-17 T&E

(Test & Evaluation) Squadron. See an Example.

Sino-Pak Thunder Patch:
Official patch of Pak-China JF-17 Thunder aircraft. The patch signifies the all-weathered friendship and close bond between the two countries and its people. See an Example.


No.11 Multi-Role Squadron Patch:
Official patch of No.11 MR Sqn.


Arrows Patch:
Official patch of No.11 Arrows Squadron. The squadron crest consists of an arrow encircled by eleven stars signifying the pursuit of professional excellence.

Sqn Motto:  Your destination is above everyone else’s destination.

No.14 Sqn Patch:
No.14 Sqn Shaheens operates Chinese built F-7P aircraft.

Motto: Bold and fearless, endowed with undaunted spirit and great measure of heavenly might.


Fighting Falcon 16 Patch:
Official patch of PAF F-16 aircraft.

No.25 Sqn Patch:
No.25 Sqn 'Night Strike Eagles' operates Mirage-VEF aircraft.

No.14 Sqn Old Patch:
F-16s remained in the unit till 29,Sep 1993 And shot down 5 Russian/Afghan Aircraft during Afghan War(1979-1988).

No.22 Sqn Patch:
Official patch of No.22 Squadron Ghazis. The Unit operates single and dual seater Mirage-IIIEE/EL aircraft.

Thunder Patch:
Shoulder patch of JF-17 Thunder T&E Sqn.

F-7P Shoulder Patch:
Official shoulder patch worn by F-7P pilots. Combat Commanders School (CCS), No.2, 14 and No.18 Sqn operate the F-7P aircraft.

Mirage-V Shoulder Patch:
Official shoulder patch of French-built Mirage-V aircraft. No.7, 8, 15, 22, 25 and No.27 Sqn operate Mirage-III/V aircraft.

No.15 and No.22 Sqn are based at Rafiqui and Masroor AB respectively. No. 27 Sqn Zarrars operates ex-Libyan Mirage 5/50 and has both single and dual seat aircraft in its inventory.  See an Example.


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