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Exercise Indus Viper-II patch:
Official patch of Exercise Indus Viper-II (2013) , held between Turkish Air Force No.151 Sqn (F-16 Block50) and PAF F-16s, Mirage and F-7 units at Mushaf AB, Sargodha in March 2013. The first version of the same exercise was conducted in 2008. The exercise provided an opportunity to combat crew of both the Air Forces to acquaint themselves with applied tactics of air power.


PAF Sniper XR targeting pod patch:
Official patch of Sniper XR targeting pod. Sniper has been employed upon F-16 MLU and F-16 Block 52 aircraft of PAF. It provides battlefield assesment, positive target identification, autonomous tracking, coordinate generation features and precise weapons guidance from extended standoff ranges. 


No.11 Sqn "Arrows" patch:
Official patch of No.11 Sqn. The unit operates F-16 MLU aircraft.


No.11 Sqn JHMCS patch:
Official patch of Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS). JHMCS provide 35 degree High Off Bore Sight (HOBS) with AIM-9M Sidewinder missile, already operational with PAF. Utilizing JHMCS, a pilot can point the AIM-9 M/X missile's seeker and "lock on" the target by simply looking at a target.


No.11 Sqn "Viper Reloaded" patch:
Official patch of No.11 Sqn. No.11 Sqn has been operating F-16 A/B models since 1983.

In late 2012 it was re-equipped with Mid Life Update (MLU) modernized F-16 aircraft.


Shahbaz AB Engineering team patch:
Official patch of Shahbaz AB, Jacobabad Engineering team. The airbase operates two F-16 squadrons and one Mi-171 rescue helicopter squadron; hence a big responsibilty on the shoulders of ground crew and engineering team to keep those falcons in the air!


F-16 avionics upgrade patch:
F-16 avionics upgrade patch. The avionics upgrade in F-16 MLU allows; AIM-120 AMRAAM loading capability, SNIPER targeting pod capability, PAVEWAY-II/II Laser Guided Bomb capability, Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) capability, JHMCS capability, AN/ALQ-211 V9 Electronic jamming pod capability etc.


No.27 Sqn "Zarrars" patch:
Official patch of No.27 Sqn. The unit is named after Hazrat Zarrar Bin Al-Azwar (RA), a very brave and courageous warrior.


No.25 Sqn "Night Strike Eagles" patch:
Official patch of Rafiqui AB based No.25 Sqn. No.25 Sqn has been flying Mirage-VEF ROSE-III aircraft since 1998.


No.15 Sqn "Cobras" patch:
Official patch of Rafiqui AB based No.15 Sqn. Cobras is a tactical attack squadron equipped with Mirage-VPA aircraft.


Super Mushshak patch:
Official patch of Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, PAC Super Mushshak aircraft.

Super Mushshak is operated by Oman and Saudi Arabia as well.

Anatolian Eagle patches:

PAF's F-16 squadorns has participated in various sessions of Exercise Anatolian Eagle; conducted by Turkish Air Force in Turkey.

[ Patches by Ali Mithat Özdoğan]

paf_anatolian_eagle_2008-4_patch paf_anatolian_eagle_2009-2_patch paf_anatolian_eagle_2009-4_patch no_11_sqn_arrows_anatolian_eagle_2009_patch paf_anatolian_eagle_2012-2_patch


ACMI Range Patch:
Official patch of Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation (ACMI) range, Sargodha.


Blue Flash-VI Patch:
Official patch of Blue Flash-VI program. In Blue Flash-VI PAF received 39 aircraft comprising 33 Mirage-VEF, 6 Mirage-IIIDF aircraft.


No.9 Sqn Shoulder Patch:
Official shoulder patch of No.9 Sqn.


Griffins Red Flag/Green Flag Patch:
Official patch of No.9 Sqn for Red Flag/Green Flag 2010 exercise.


No.9 Sqn patch:
 The patch says ' To know us -  fly with us or against us '.


Peace Multiplier:
Official patch of  F-16C/D Block52 aircraft. As a good will gesture PAF pilots exchanged this patch with

USAF pilots who brought the Block52 F-16s from US.


No.5 Sqn Shoulder Patch:
Official shoulder patch of No.5 Sqn.


Furious Five:
No.5 Sqn,
F-16 Block52 patch.


11Sqn - Arrows :
Official patch of  No.11 Sqn. See an Example.


F-16 patch:
See an Example.


Pratt & Whitney PW-220/220E patch:


F-16 PW220 Engine Patch:
Mirage repair Factory (MRF) conducts modifications to F-16A/B 's engine, this is the
patch worn by the pilots & engineers associated with F100-PW220 engine upgrade program. 


Falcon Reborn:
Digital version of No.5 Sqn 'Falcon Reborn' patch. The patch shows different types operated by the unit

since its inception in 1947. See an Example.


Shahbaz Engg Wing Patch:
Digital version of  Shahbaz Air base engg wing patch.


Exercise Al-Saqoor-I (2006) Patch:
Ex Al-Saqoor-I was joint exercise conducted in Saudia Arabia. PAF' s No.11 Sqn F-16, and No.7 Sqn Mirage-III aircraft participated in it.

High Mark 2010 Patch:
High Mark 2010 Exercise Patch. The exercise was conducted in third week of March. The JF-17 also took part in this exercise. All twenty four Bases of PAF( including 15 FOBs) participated in this exercise. Apart from fighters, PAF helicopters & transport aircraft also took part in the 45 day exercise. PAF SSW unit showed its strength to conduct SAR missions inside enemy territy. High Mark exercise is held after every five years and involves all aerial frontiers and bases from across the country, including the latest missile and firepower of the country. Example.


Fire power demo 2007 Patch:


No.1 FCU 'Rahbers' Patch:
Official Patch of Mianwali Based FCU.

FT-5 Shoulder Patch:
Official shoulder patch of FT-5 aircraft.


A-5 Shoulder Patch:
Official shoulder patch of A-5 aircraft.


No.5 MR Sqn 'Falcons' Patch:
Official patch of Jacobabad based multi role sqn. See an Example.


No.16 Sqn 'Panthers' Patch:
Official patch of No.16 Sqn. The unit operates JF-17 aircraft.


No.26 Sqn 'Black Spiders' Patch:
Official patch of No.26 Sqn. The unit operates of JF-17 aircraft.


JF-17 Shoulder Patch:
Official shoulder patch of JF-17 aircraft. This patch is worn by both No.26 and T&E Sqn.



F-16 Shoulder Patch:
Official shoulder patch of F-16 aircraft.



No.2 Sqn 'Minhas' Patch:
Official patch of No.2 Sqn. The unit operates F-7P and FT-7 aircraft.


F-7P Shoulder Patch:
Un-Official shoulder patch worn by F-7P pilots & crew. Combat Commanders School (CCS), No.2, 14, 18 and No.19 Sqn operate the F-7P aircraft. See an example.


F-7P Shoulder Patch:
Official shoulder patch worn by F-7P pilots & crew. This patch has been used since early 90s.



No.18 Sqn 'Sharp Shooters' Patch:
Official patches of No.18 Sqn. The unit operates F-7P and FT-7 aircraft.


No.19 Sqn Patch:
No.19 Sqn 'Sherdils' (Lion Hearts) patch.


F-7PG Shoulder Patch:
Official shoulder patch of F-7PG aircraft. No.17, 20 and 23 Sqn are the operators of the aircraft.


F-7PG General Over Haul Patch:
F-7PG General Over Hual is coducted at Aircraft Rebuild Factory, PAC Kamra, this patch is worn by

pilots & engineers involved in the program.


No.17 Sqn 'Tigers' Patch:
Official patch of No.17 Sqn. The unit operates F-7PG aircraft.


No.20 Sqn 'Cheetahs' Patch:
Official patch of No.20 Sqn. The unit operates F-7PG aircraft. The aircraft in the unit carry unit's name along the top of their tail.

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