Pilots & Ground Crew 1947-83

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Pictures of No.19 Sqn pilots who struck Phathankot. Sqn Ldr Sajjad Haider is seen briefing prior to the mission.

Five pilots namely Sqn Ldr Sajjad Haider, Flt Lts M Akbar, Arshad Sami Khan, Ghani Akbar and Dilawar Hussain were awared Sitara-e-Jurat

for their show courage and strength against enemy defences in 1965 war.


Bristol freighter being reloaded.

A F-86 pilot moments before getting airborne.

Crew taking AIM-9B sidewinders missiles for loading

onto F-86 aircraft.

Sabre's pilots at squadron ramp.

F-86 Sabre being prepared for a mission.

Sabre's pilots at squadron ramp.

A pilot posing with F-86 aircraft.

Senior officers taking to crew during a base visit.

Flt Lt Amjad Hussain shaheed standing

with F-104 Starfighter.

Sabre going through routine maintenance

A stripped down, fuselage of F-86E aircraft.

F-86 Sabre going through depot level maintenance.

A mid 60's photo of young Sabre pilots.

A pilot strapping up for a mission.

Last minute discussions going on before mission.

Wng Cdr Asghar Khan briefing pioneering

team at Risalpur, 1947. Asghar Khan went onto become 5th Air Chief of the PAF in July 1957 and remained at the helm of affairs till July 1965.

RPAF cadets at Hawthorne Flying
School, Florida , USA

AVM Atcherley (C-in-C RPAF ) and his team

- Circa 1949. AVM Atcherley, RAF was 2nd Air Chief of the Royal Pakistan Air Force (RPAF) from 8 Feb 1949 - 6 May 1951

No Intro Needed!

No.14 Sqn, 1965 with OC Shabbir H.Syed &

Dhakha Station commander Ghulam Haider

standing 2nd & 3rd from left. The squadron won 2 Sitara-e-Jurat (SJ) during the war.

Sqn Ldr Shabbir H.Syed's Squadron neutralized

 enemy in east. His No.14 Sqn fought against

10 IAF squadrons alone during 1965 war. He was awarded SJ for his bravery and exceptional perfomance. He later rose to the rank of Vice-Chief of Air Staff (VCOAS).

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