Pilots & Ground Crew 1947-83

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No.11 Sqn with Sqn commander S.K Kamal.

Mushaf Ali Mir(2nd from left); he became the

Air Chief of PAF in March 2000.

No.12 Sqn Crew in front of Halifax with

 Sqn Commander M A Dogar (center)

 - Mauripur 1950


No.11 Sqn Officers in front of Attacker

with Sqn Commander Rahim Khan (center)

- Drigh Road 1952

No.15 Sqn Crew Towing a F-6 aircraft.

H-43's Crew who executed vital airlift

for Pak-Army in Haji Pir Pass Area
 3 to 8 September 1965.


President Ayub Khan elevates PAF College

Risalpur to Academy - Jan 1967

F-104 Pilots wearing pressure suits, used for

flight in excess of 60,000ft.

No.19 Sqn pilots who struck Phatankot on

 6 Sep, 1965 with Wng Cdr 'Nosey' Haider

standing second from left.

Last minute Instructor-student

consultation  before a training mission on T-37 basic trainer aircraft.

Pilot Officer Sarfaz Rafiqui  in Tempest cockpit

receiving last minute instructions from his Instructor,
Flt Lt Jan Mahmood at PAF conversion School 1953.

Late Air Cdre (then Sqn Ldr) Rias.A Rafi in
No.14 Sqn Tempest aircraft.

A memorable photo of Late Air Cdre Saad

Akhtar Hatmi standing in front of IAF Gnat,

captured in 1965. Hatmi flew Gnat from

 Pusrur to Sargodha

Harvad T-6Team standing with Commandant

Rub Nawaz at Risalpur.

Squadron Color presentation ceremony
at PAF base Faisal.

No.32 'Strike Wing' with leader

 Masood Sikander (center)  - Sargodha 1965

No.31 Wing Crews in front of B-57,

Leader 'Bill' Latif  (center).

No.4 Sqn SA-16 team with leader
Afsar Jadoon standing 7th from left.

T-Bird Team from No.2 Sqn with

 leader Anwar Mirza (4th from left).

No.6 Sqn Crews in front of Freighter with Sqn Commander B K Dass (center)-Lahore 1950.

No.33 Wing Senior Officers in 1965
Cecil Choudhray(2nd from left) ,
Leader Anwar Shamim(3rd from left)
Amjad Hussain (4th from left)
MM Alam (7th from left)

No.35 Wing Crews in front of C-130,

Leader Zahid Butt (14th from left).

RPAF first Bomber Wing Fury Squadrons

No.5 and No.14 Sqn - Peshawar1950

Sargodha Combat crews between
two Wars 1965 and 1971.

Pilots relax in Squadron crew room.

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