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Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir, 16th Chief of the PAF (20th Nov 2000 - 20th Feb 2003) through his career in PAF as T-33, F-6 and Mirage-V (UAEAF) pilot.

Mushaf was a seasoned pilot with rich experience in F-6 & Mirage aircraft. He also did F-16 fighter conversion.




Left-photo: Sqn Ldr M.M Alam (late), O/C No.11 Sqn during 1965 war- The only Ace pilot of sub-continent with 9 confirm kills & 2 damaged a/c.

Center & Right photos: Pilots of No.11 Sqn (late 1960s).

Standing L to R: Flg Off Riaz Sarwar (late), Flg Off Mushaf Ali Mir (late), Sqn Ldr S.K.Kamal (Sqn Cmdr), Flt Lt. Javed Khawaja (Flt Cdr), Flt Lt. Atiq Sufi, Flg Off Nayyer Nazir.

Sitting L to R: Flg Off M. Tahsin, Flg Off Riaz Sheikh, Flt Lt. Amer Ali Sherrif.


[Among this team Flt Lt. Mushaf, Flt Lt. Atiq Sufi and Flt Lt. Amer Ali Sherrif were credited with one kill each in 1971 war.]




Pictures of Mirage-5 squadron of UAEAF under command of Sqn Ldr Saleem Baig Mirza, PAF (circa 1976). The team included PAF pilots and ground crew
for fighter conversion and training of newly raised UAEAF in early 1970s.


Left-photo: Standing L to R: Flt Lts. Akram Rizvi, Riffat Munir, Schames, Allah Dad, Aamer Sharif, Hamayann Dotani, S/Ldr Saleem Baig, Bashir Chaudhary, Flt Lt Rahim Yousufzai, Naami (UAE), Flt Lt Tariq N Syed, Ali Kuli Khattak. (Sitting L to R:) Iqbal Sheikh, Jasim (UAE), Mushaf Ali (Sitting Front:) Engineering Officer.

Right-most-photo: Standing L to R: Flt Lts. Tariq N Syed, Nazar Hayat, S/Ldr Bashir Chaudhary, Sqn Ldr Saleem Baig, Flt Lt Rahim Yousufzai, Iqbal Sheik, Ilyas Baig. (Sitting L to R:) Mushaf Ali Mir, Saleem (UAE), Ibrahim Rasool (UAE), Shamsi (UAE) and Haidi Risvi.


President Zia ul Haq with Wing Cdr Jamal during a visit to PAF Base Sargodha - circa 1980s.


No.9 Sqn F-104 pilots with senior officers of Sargodha airbase. Prominent among the officers are Sqn Ldr Hakimullah (sitting 4th from left); and Flt Lt Farooq F Khan both later rose to become 12th & 13th air chief of PAF respectively.


F-16 pilots along with Base commander Sargodha, during an operational exercise. PAF Inducted F-16 in 1983 and was located to 'City of Falcons' Sargodha; since past four decades these aircraft are stationed there.


AM Nur Khan and F-6 pilots explaining cockpit instrumentation to Chinese DCGS during a visit to Sargodha air base. China gave Pakistan first batch of F-6 fighters in 1966 at very cheap rates to replace PAF ageing F-86s.


Peoples Liberation Army General Chung Tsai Chien, DCGS inspecting cockpit of French origin Mirage aircraft during visit to PAF Base Sargodha on 10 Jan 1974.


Zhang Caugian, Depty Chief of General Staff (DCGS) of PLA meeting with F-6 pilots of No.11 Sqn during visit to Sargodha air base on 27 October 1970.


Pilots of No.11 Sqn F-86 aircraft - pre 1965 war.


Pilots of F-6 aircraft, Sargodha-1970s.


No.11 Sqn at Samungali, Quetta (photo was taken during visit of staff college). L-to-R: Standing F/O Avais, F/L Zahoor Ali Shah, T/C Aftab Raja (O/C 11 Sqn), Maj Gen__,

Gp Capt G.A Khan (Base Cdr), Brig. F.S.K Lodhi, S/L Suleman Nabim S/L Sattar Alvi,

F/O Shahid Nisar, W/C Chaudhry

Sitting: F/L Zanoo ul Haq (ATC), F/O Baseer (Rescue Sqn), F/O Tariq Awan, F/O Ashfaq and F/O Shahid Ahsan.


Pilots of No.19 Sqn with F-6 aircraft. F-6 was inducted in the unit after 1971 war; which saw conversion of squadron to Flight Leader's School in November 1972.


Young pilots of No.2 OCU and No.19 OCU at Masroor Air base - late 1960s photo. 




Pictures of  Air Marshal M Nur Khan, 6th Chief of the PAF (23 Jul 1965 - 31 Aug 1969)  prior to his first flight in No.9 Sqn F-104 aircraft.

Also present in pictures is Wnd Cdr Mervyn L Middlecoat (Sitara-i-Jurat and Bar) squadron commander of No.9 Sqn.

Pilots of No.5 Sqn with Sqn cdr W/C Hakimullah

in center - 1971. The same team conducted various successful strikes on IAF bases.

Pilots of No.19 Sqn with Sqn cdr

W/C Sajjad Haider (center) - 1965.

Sqn Ldr MM Alam talking to British

media correspondent during 1965war.

Pictures of No.5 Sqn Mirage pilots who shot down IAF aircraft in 1971.

 F/L Naeem Atta shot down Canberra B

on 4, Dec 1971.

F/L  Salimuddin shot down Indian AF Su-7

 on 6, Dec 1971.

F/L  Safdar Mehmood shot down hunter

on 5, Dec 1971.




Pictures of S/L Saad Hatmi who flew the captured IAF Gnat in 1965. The Indian pilot S/L was taken as pow.





Pictures of S/L MM Alam, the only ACE pilot of sub-continent . He shot down 9 IAF aircraft and damaged 2 aircraft in 1965 war.

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