Pilots & Ground Crew 1983-Today

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Sqn Ldr (then Flt Lt) Hussain Shaheed during his service with No.9 Sqn. On Nov 14, 2011 he lost his life in an unfortunate JF-17 accident near Kamra, Attock.

The aircraft in the background, F-16A (Sr. No 85729) crashed on 17 Jul 2009, Squadron Leader Saud Ghulam Nabi lost his life in the accident.




Self potrait of No.5 Sqn F-16 Block-52 pilot.


Falcons engineering team with F-16 Block-52 and F-16 MLU aircraft.


In March 2012, Wg Cdr Ghazanfar Latif became

the 8th PAF pilot to surpass 2000hrs in F-16.


Wng Cdr Ali Naeem at Izmir air show'2011.


O/C JF-17 T&E presenting a jacket to ACM Tanivr,

CAS PAF during welcome ceremony of JF-17 on March 21 2007. Standing in the background is Sqn Ldr (then Flt Lt) Hussain Shaheed.

Members of No.5 MR Sqn standing in front of a well equipped F-16 Block-52 aircraft. No.5 Sqn is equipped with both state-of-the-art air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons.


Fighting Eleven - 1993.

L-R: F/L Javad Saeed, S/L M.Iqbal, F/L Irfan Kamboh, F/L Manochechr Azad, S/L M.Aftab Khan, W/C Gul Abbas Mela, S/L S.Riaz-ul-Hassan, S/L Ahmar Laghari, Capt Serdar (TuAF pilot), S/L M Azam and S/L Naveed Bashir

F-16 Block52 engineers - the force which keeps

Falcons  in the air!

F-16 Block-52 pilots and ground crew.


F-16 Block-52 ground crew loading 500lbs

GBU-12 bomb to the aircraft


Wng Cdr(then Sqn Ldr) 'sidewinder'  Zulfiqar

shot down IAF UAV during night in June 2002.


Wng Cdr Zulfiqar surpassed 2000hrs in F-16 in Feb'2011. 

Wng Cdr Ali Naeem Zahoor waving Turkish flag after performing at Izmir Air show, June 2011.

Wng Cdr Ali surpassed 2000hrs in F-16 in April 2011.

F-16 Block52 pilots and crew sitting with CAS, ACM Rao Qamar Suleman and COAS Gen Kiyani during official induction ceremony of the aircraft in No.5 MR Sqn.

Air Cdre (then Wing Cdr) Ashfaque Arian explaining

F-16 cockpit capabilities to ACM P.M. Qureshi.


Wng Cdr Ashfaque (now AVM) was the first PAF pilot to surpass 2000hrs in F-16.


F-16 Block-52 engineering crew posing in front of the aircraft.

Wng Cdr Aamir Masood standing along ACM Tanvir Mehmood Ahmad moments before 23rd mach,2007 parade.


*Wng Cdr Amir (now Gp Capt) is wearing 2000hrs F-16 patch

A senior PLAAF officer meeting with Minhas AB,

Kamra based No.14 AS Sqn pilots.

PAF female pilots standing with chinese pilots

at Zhuhai airshow 2010.

An instructor pilot delivering a lecture at

College of Flying Training, PAF Academy Risalpur.

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