Pilots & Ground Crew 1983-Today

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Group photo of PAF officers at Shahbaz air base, Jacobabad.


F-16 pilots posing for a photo.



Senior F-16 pilots* at an Operational Base

 during High Mark 2010

*Gp Capt Irfan Ahmed (middle) wearing 2000hrs F-16 patch


Thunder team of No.26 Sqn 'Black Spiders'  standing with Sqn Cdr Wng Cdr Khalid.



Test pilots and MRF maintenance team with AVM Aurangzeb, Chairman PAC at roll-out  ceremony of ex-Lebanese Mirage-III aircraft.


Wng Cdr Raja Rizwan Ullah (Sqn Cdr, No.11 Sqn) standing with pilots and coveted trophies.


The unit won 'Top Gun' trophy of ACES, three years in a row, in 1993, 1994, and 1995

F-16 pilots* (No.9 Sqn) photographed with CAS

Farooq F. Khan before taking-off for Fly Past

during Pakistan day parade, 1994.

*standing top right is an exchange pilot from Turkish Air Force

No.9 Sqn 'Griffins' - 1996.

F-16 pilots photographed with CAS Abbas Khattak before taking-off for Pakistan's  Golden Jubilee Fly Past, 1997.

No.14 Sqn F-7  being refueled with JP-8 fuel.

F-7s from no.14 Sqn getting refueled. 

F-7 pilot doing pre-flight checks before take off.

No.8 Sqn Mirage pilot preparing for take-off.

Crew dragging bombs to the fighter aircraft.

A No.26 Sqn JF-17 pilot after a successful mission.

No.14 Sqn pilots in Exercise Flat out.

Wng Cdr(Sqn Cdr,late) S.Muzzafar Ali is standing in the middle.

No.15 Sqn 'Cobras' F-6 pilot strapping up G-suit.

Flight Commander briefing pilots before a Dis-similar Air Combat Training (DACT) mission.

Instructor briefing a young cadet before

 a training mission.

No.11 Sqn 'Arrows' pilots during

Nuclear Air Defence Alert (ADA) - May,1998.

F-7 going through routine maintenance.

F-16B pilot during a routine flight.

No.26 Sqn A-5 pilots - 1983

Crew loading 500lbs Mk-82 at F-16 aircraft.

Self portrait of Mirage-IIIEP pilot with

his wingman.


No.5 Sqn Mirage pilots (left)

Trainee Cadet at PAF Acdemy Risalpur (right)

Sqn Ldr S.Muzzafar Ali(Flt Cdr No.14 Sqn, late) became

the first PAF pilot to cross 1000hrs mark in F-16.

F-16 pilots from No.9 and No.11 Sqn in 1980s.


T-37 trainee and Instructor pilot arriving

at their aircraft.

Mushshak Instructor and student pilot

before a training mission.

Gp Capt Waqar A.Nisar, first K-8 test pilot

before a T&E flight.

Pilots from friendly Air Forces in Pakistan.

No.8 Sqn Mirage-VPA3 pilot.

 Wng Cdr Ahsan and Sqn Ldr Hakim photographed before taking off for Pakistan Day Parade, 2007.

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