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CCS JF-17 pilots group photo with DCAS(Ops) Air Marshal Sohail Aman, Base Cdr Mushaf and other senior PAF officers.


CCS JF-17 pilots after arriving at Mushaf Air Base

for formal induction ceremony of JF-17 in CCS

- Jan 26, 2015.


JF-17 team from No.16 Sqn "Black Panthers" group photo with ACM Tahir Rafique Butt, CAS PAF at

Dubai airhsow 2013.


A Falcon from No.5 MR Sqn flying somewhere over

Southern Region of Pakistan. No.5 Sqn operates

F-16 Block52 aircraft and is equipped with modern weapons & sensors.


F-16 pilot from No.11 MR Sqn "Arrows" flying as Guy In Back Seat (GIBS) during a training flight. The Arrows squadron has been operating F-16 since Jan'1983.


JF-17 T&E team at Kamra'2009 with Wng Cdr Khalid Mehmood (O/C unit). The team holds the credit for making JF-17 project success by conducting successful flight testing of this aircraft.


ACM Mushaf (Shaheed), AVM Saleem Akhtar (Shaheed) and President Musharraf standing with Base & Squadron Commanders of F-16 and CCS Mirage/F-7 squadrons during border-stand-off with India'2002.


An airforce commando from the elite Special Services Wing (SSW) of PAF. SSW is mainly tasked with Combat Search & Rsecue (CSAR), security assistance and special reconnaissance role. [The operator in this photo is carrying FN F2000]


CAS Mushaf greeting with pilots of

No.26 Sqn during a visit to Peshawer air base & No.36 TA Wing. No.36 wing then operating with two A-5 bomber units (namely No.16 & No.26 Sqn) both now req-equipped with JF-17 aircraft.











Top row (Left-photo): F-16 pilots from No.9 & No.11 Sqn group photo with ACM Mushaf Air Mir, CAS PAF and Base Cmdr Sargodha airbase - March 23, 2001.

Top row (Center & Right photo): No.11 engineering crew group photo with Mushaf Air Mir & Wng Cdr Mujahid Anwar (O/C 11 Sqn) - circa 2001/02.

Second row: ACM Mushaf Ali Mir(Shaheed) poses with F-16 aircraft, before leading formation of 20 aircraft

(4 formations of F-16, Mirage, A-5, F-7 and F-6 aircraft) on the occassion of National day.


PAF and PLAAF personnel pose together during Exercise Shaheen II, held at Hotain in September 2013. PAF No.7 Sqn Mirage-IIIEA and No.23 Sqn F-7PG aircraft participated in this exercise against PLAAF J-10 and J-7 aircraft.


No.9 Sqn F-16 pilots during visit to UAEAF Air Warfare Centre at Al Dhafra Nov-Dec'2007. No.9 squadron participated in DACT mission against UAEAF F-16 Block60 and Mirage-2000s, RAF Eurofighter Typhoons and Tornado-F3 aircraft.


PAF and RAF pilots during DACT Exercise at UAEAF Air Warfare Centre at Al Dhafra 13 Nov - 7 Dec 2007. Seen in background are RAF Typhoon and Tornado F3 aircraft.


ACM Mushaf Ali Mir(Shaheed)

sits in F-16B cockpit for 23rd March 2001 parade.  He was 16th air chief of PAF (20 Nov 2000 - 20 Feb 2003).


ACM Tanvir M. Ahmad conducts post-flight checks on F-16B aircraft after flying a sortie in newly procured F-16 from U.S in 2007.


ACM Tahir Rafique Butt prepares for flight to assess air-operations in Exercise Saffron Bandit 2013.


Combat Commanders School (CCS) bids farewell to F-6 aircraft. F-7P with modern avionics and chaff/flares dispensers was inducted in the unit in early 1993.


Sherdils T-37 demo group photo with ACM Farooq F Khan, CAS PAF (Mar 1991 - Nov 1994 ) and COAS Gen. Mirza Aslam Baig on the event of passing out parade for 89th GD (P).


No.25 TA Sqn Mirage-VEF pilots group photo with Base Cdr Minhas, OC Flying 33 wing and Sqn Cdr 25 Sqn - Mar 2007.


A female pilot from No.18 Sqn F-7P sits in the cockpit for a training flight. Since Jan 1999, No.18 as F-7P OCU has delivered close to 250 pilots to PAF.


A F-16 pilot awaits final 'go-ahead' from Air Traffic Controller before take-off. F-16's bubble canopy and cockpit have been designed for superiority visibilty for the pilot.


No.14 AS Sqn F-7P pilot conducts pre-flight checks before a Staff Continuation Training (SCT) sortie. SCT flights are conducted by proficient pilots to update their familarity with aircraft.


Wng Cdr Aamir Masood, O/C No.9 Sqn (May 2005- Sept 2007) being greeted by a fellow pilot after a long-range ferry flight from Middle East.


Wng Cdr Waqas A Sulehri, O/C No.11 Sqn (Jan 2007-May 2008) sharing a souviner with ACM Tanvir M. Ahmad, CAS PAF. Seen in background Air Cdre Ashfaque Arian, Base Cdr (L) and Wng Cdr Ali Naeem, Flt Cdr Ops 11 Sqn (R) - 4th Mar 2008.


No.9 Sqn pilots with Wng Cdr Aamir Masood (O/C , center) in summer 2006 . Prominent among his team are Sqn Ldr Ronald (1st from Left, now O/C No.16 JF-17 Sqn), Wng Cdr Ghazanfar Latif. (2nd from Left, O/C No.5 MR Sqn June 2010- July 2012)


Pilots of No.11 F-16 Sqn with O/C Wng Cdr Abbas Ghumman (extreeme left) - August 2009.

No.11 Sqn has been a vital fighting element in PAF's combat wing since past 63 years.


Young Shaheens from No.14 Sqn

discussing post- flight obersvations. New F-7 pilots join No.14 Air Superiority Sqn at Minhas Air Base after passing F-7 Operational Conversion Course from No.18 Sqn at MM Alam air base, Mianwali.


Flt Lt Ayesha Farooq (Right) discussing aircraft readiness with an aeronautical engineer before an air combat training flight in Exercise Saffron Bandit 2013. Flt Lt Ayesha is a combat ready F-7PG pilot from No.20 Sqn.


No.14 Sqn F-7P ground crew conducting

routine flight checks.


No.11 Sqn group photo with ACM Tanvir M. Ahmad, CAS PAF (Mar 2006-Mar 2009)


No.20 AS Sqn F-7PG crew 'gearing-up' an aircraft for participation in Exercise High Mark 2010.






Flight Leiutenant (Flt. Lt) Haseef Alam (Shaheed) who embraced shahadat on 8 February 2012 during an

F-7PG training mission in Pishin distt of Balochistan.  He was 26 years old.


Flt. Lt Haseef (left) and his colleagues

in No.1 FCU, Mianwali.


Flt. Lt Omer Bashir Dogar (Shaheed):

28 June, 1980- 5 April, 2006.


Flt. Lt Haseef (right most) with his squadron colleagues of No.19 OCU, Mianwali.





Flt. Lt Omer Bashir Dogar 3rd from left (in picture 1), 5th from left (in picture 2) and 2nd from left (in picture 3).


Flt. Lt Omer Bashir Dogar embraced shahadat on 5 April, 2006 during an F-7P training flight near Attock.

While preparing for landing after completion of the flight, an aircraft formation on 'bingo fuel' coming from Sargodha air base requested landing pirority.

"LET THEM LAND FIRST", Flt. Lt Omar made his last radio call before continuing flight. Few minutes later his aircraft faced a malfunction and crashed near Pindigheb, Attock. This was his last flight in No.14 F-7 Sqn and was already promoted to Mirage aircraft. He was 24.


Air Cdre Raja Rizwan Ullah Shaheed (then Wng Cdr) with ACM Abbas Khattak before taking-off for fly past at 23rd March parade 1997.

He was among 17 people (including PAF Air chief Mushaf Ali Mir and his wife ) who lost their lives in Fokker F-27 air crash in Feb 2003.


Flt. Lt Omer Bashir Dogar Shaheed with and engineering officer in Exercise High Mark 2005. His squadron participated from Skardu air field elevated at 7,316 ft / 2,230 m in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.





Air Cdre Raja Rizwan Ullah Shaheed (then Wng Cdr and Officer Commanding No.11 Sqn) gesturing a thumbs up. During his command squadron won 'Top Gun' trophy of Assessment of Combat Efficiency of Squadrons (ACES) for year 1996.


Flt. Lt Shehryar Nisar (5th from left) with his

squadron colleagues of No.19 OCU.


Flt. Lt Shehryar Nisar (14 Sqn) embraced shahadat on the fateful night of 5 August 2009 during an F-7P training flight in Attock.


Flt. Lt Shehryar Nisar(4th from left) with his

squadron colleagues of No.19 OCU.


COAS Gen. Ashfaque Kiyani, CAS ACM Rao Qamar Suleman, DCS (Ops) AM Hasan, Air Cdre Ashfaque Arian (Base commander PAF base Mushaf)

F-16 squadron commanders and members of enginering team during Operation Rahe Raast, June 2009.


Griffins crew chief "launches" an F-16 for

a mission in world's biggest advanced aerial combattraining exercise Exercise Red Flag (2010).


Pilots of No.26 Sqn "Black Spiders" with Wng Cdr Khalid Mehmood, O/C 26 Sqn. Black spiders is a JF-17 Multi role squadron stationed at PAF Base Peshawer.


JF-17 crew placing luggage in the specialized

baggage compartment in JF-17.Read more


Under training T-37 pilots at PAF academy Risalpur.


No.5 Sqn Mirage-V pilots during Exercise High Mark 2010.


PAF Squadrons at Shahbaz Air base, Jacobabad.


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