Zhuhai air show, China 2012



PLAAF K-8 seen at Zhuhai air show 2012. Allen Zhao




Pictures of No.16 and No.26 Sqn JF-17s (S.# 10-120, 10-122 and 10-125)in Zhuhai Air show 2012. Photos by Lihutao




Pictures of No.16 and No.26 Sqn JF-17 in Zhuhai Air show 2012. Two JF-17s took part in air display where as one was reserved

for static display; with its weaponry. Photos by Allen Zhao

Zhuhai Air show 2012 was held in Zhuahi, China from 13 -18 November 2012. Participants from various international aerospace industries and Chinese indigenous aircraft industies took part in the air show. Pakistan Air Force's 3x JF-17 Thunder Multirole fighter aircraft from No.26 Sqn "Black Spiders" and No.16 Sqn "Black Panthers" also participated in the air show. JF-17 also took part in flying display as well. The participation of JF-17 Thunder in flying display at Zhuhai'2012 was the second-of-its-kind air display of JF-17 Thunder in China.


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